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if financial issues are not a problem, how many kids do you want?
3 maximum :)
5 😊❤️
What's the best gift a parent can give to their child?
Toys that you can play with together.. like stories, building blocks, balls... etc...
The love of reading, knowledge and humour! How to be happy, self confidence, and resilence.
Time love affection and understanding them
Lately I feel that my wife is paying too much attention on our newborn. So much so that she doesn’t even say goodbye to me when I leave for work. How do I tell her that I feel neglected?
I think if you are also involved in the care of the baby you won't feel neglected, please get involved in your own little way and I assure you won't regret doing so... my 6weeks old baby recognized my
You shouldn't feel neglected. It's normal. Try to be as much supportive as you can and try to fill the gap in the the relation, she is already overwhelmed
Dont feel bad She ll be fine Let her do her things She will understand with the time She keep baby months inside her Some ladies are like this She will be fine And please dont fight with you lady She
not saying goodbye is not strange. but most mothers want their husbands to understand their situation after childbirth. to husbands, why do you think you need to be ready before your wife gives birth?
If shes not even saying goodbye this is a little strange. But for her to spend more time with a newborn is not strange. If you're really sure you are not reading too much into this, then you should ch
My wife always compares my parenting with her sister's husband's parenting and thinks he is a much better father than me. I find this comparison annoying and heartbreaking. How do I make her underst
That is wrong from her side...Yet it is perfectly normal and understandable. We always try to imperfect our parenting skills. She usually does this because there are certain aspects she requires y
First of all she is stupid Secondly Try to make her understand That everyone is different u look ur kid and husband y u r putting nose in others. If others husband eating s***.. u cant eat s*** right
Talk to her about it
Prove yourself to her
Please do discussion with her. Not so proper compare to other people.

bonding with dad

If your newborn is super attached to you and refuses to go to dad, what are ways to solve this?
It’s a matter of time. The mother holds an important role to the baby. The baby feels safer with the mother. Father’s need to interact with the baby by feeding, burping, playing. This will make the ba
Just the matter of time
Then can start letting your hub attend to all newborn's request, eg feeding, changing diapers , shower and playtime. Lesser the contact with mum might help better
Its normal actually...just slowly develop the bond and ask the daddy to respond faster when the baby need something. Good luck
It's very normal for kids to get attached to one parent! Doesn't mean they'll never be bonded with the other. Since I was 6 mo, my mom used to go out for work and I was raised by my grandparents. I u
Do fathers really need to be in the delivery room during the birth of their children?
It’s a personal choice. The men stay in during delivery for supporting their wife.
Its an experience let me tell you
It depends. Pero mas maigi kung kasama ang hubby while giving birth. Para suporta na din. Pampalakas ng loob kumbaga tsaka para makita din nila gano kahirap manganak 😂
Yes!!! Share the pain and agony sons of adam! And also we want you to remember and appreciate this moment so that you'll be better fathers and partners in the future.
My wife is five months pregnant but I am feeling sick lately. Do dads also experience pregnancy?
Don’t think so
Sometimes dad’s get same symptoms as their pregnant Wife
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What's the hardest part about being a parent?
the patience. i think my patience improved a lot because of my son lol
My POV, your commitment of being a responsible parent and a role model to your child. Teach and educate them properly, guide them and the rest will surely follow accordingly
Responsibility. Di na tulad dati na wala ka iniisip kundi sarili mo. Ngayon na kinasal kana at may anak, responsibilidad mo na sila parehas. Kung dati pa tamad tamad ka kumilos nung binata ka, ngayon
Lahat mahirap lalo na kung first time. Nangangapa talga
What's the most important lesson your father have taught you?
not to trust anyone when it comes to money 😂
Mag ipon habang bata pa at mag invest. Ayun effective naman. Nung kinasal ako, nanganak misis ko, baptism ng anak ko may pera ako. Ngayon kahit 4 months palang baby ko patuloy padin ako nag lalaglag s
That if I thought I could do something nothing will stand in my way
Be independent.
To be independent women
Daddies, do you still find some time for yourself to go to the gym? :)
Baby is gym mah
You can do home based exercises which is basically body weight training.
Yes would try to slot in some time whenever possible.