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Baby Sit Services
Anyone living in west area particularly near Boon Lay need baby sitting services? $5/hr. Transportation charges will be based on the public fares exact charges. If you send and fetch at my place, it w
West? Cck?
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so cheap 😂 if only u at tampines
$5/hr is too low for baby sitting services
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You might want to check out child care prices?
Fresh Milk
Cn a 19 mth old baby drink Fresh Cow Milk? And how much cn the baby drink in a week.
Yes if it’s fresh milk!
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Yes, one cup a day is fine
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Yes, can drink fresh milk.
Yes it's fine. I switch from BM to fresh cow milk when LO is 18months old.
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Yes it’s fine.
When Is Mensus Aft Miscarriage
Sorry to ask but when will mensus come after miscarriage. My mensus is usually regular even before i got married and had a child. Will the cycle starts frm the day I miscarried?
After my miscarriage in March last year, my first 3 cycle came late. April was about 1-2weeks late, May & June was a few days late. July onwards was back to normal 28 days cycle. A miscarriage mig
Levonorgestral Pill.
Hi. Has anyone taken levonorgestral pill before trying to conceive? If eaten will it affect the following mth you're trying to conceive? I am trying to conceive in 2 mths time.
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Hi... you might find this article informative
How Many Teeth
Hi all. How many teeth does your 1 year old plus have? Should i worry how many should my child have now?
Every baby have/grow their teeth at different age(months).. My girl only had her first tooth around 11-12 months... until she was almost 2 then one by one coming out, now 2 yet to have complete set o
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My lo grew her first tooth at 1 year old.. Now shes 18 mths old and some are still not fully out yet.. Its okay to me. . Doesnt bother her n she cn eat as per normal
Nothing to worry , my son had his first tooth at 13months.
1st Appt At 13 Weeks
Hi all. Is it ok to wait till baby is 3 mths for 1st checkup/appt if all is well?
Latest would be 6-8weeks. 3 months is too late.
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I went for my first check up close to 3 months too.. haha but got scolded cause there's tests that needs to be done before specific week of your pregnancy.. can't really remember clearly but would adv
Nausea Remedies
What do you mommies eat to stop feeling that gag in your throat. I am trying not to throw up cz it'll be ugly and I will feel worst. Ive been eating ice. It kinda helps alil. Thank you all for the re
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The Himalayas salt candy help me
I eat sour plum. Those type look like diamond shiny one. Called 话梅.
Chocolate mint candy is a great help for me. Do take care.
Drink lemon juice
I drank sparkling water.
Subchrionic Hemorrhage
I had bleeding for 4 days with a passing palm sized blood clot on the first daynof bleeding. Anyone had experienced the same? I do still have morning and night sickness, pee parade and feeling hungry
I think no need to wait for your appointment. Go to emergency so you can be checked asap.