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Daddy’s POV.

Hi daddies, I’m a mummy seeking for daddy’s (mummies welcomed) POV. So this has been on my mind for the longest time ever. I am the main caregiver for my 13mo and honestly, even before pregnancy, my temper is never good. While I tried my best to keep my cool, my LO has 101 ways to trigger me, so sometimes I lose my cool. To my husband, it’s like because I’m a mom, I no longer have the rights to lose my temper? I face my LO 24/7 and I certainly cannot talk to my husband like normal couples do. He’s either not listening or he will always think I’m the wrong one. He always talks to me/his family like he’s always in a bad mood or annoyed but when he talks to other people (regardless of gender), like strike lottery. There was once he said, if you’re so unhappy about being a SAHM with her (LO), then you go out and work, I can stay at home instead. But make sure you earn $xxx amount (he’s not even drawing this amount btw). I don’t demand him to earn a certain amount nor do I ask him to give me monthly allowance. If I have the money, I will pay for some stuffs or bills. I eat once a day and I don’t go for branded. I can survive on maggi daily no problem. I breastfeed my baby so we can save formula money, i scrimp and save over that few cents. I do all the laundry without complains. But end of the day, why am I supposed to earn a certain amount the roles are reversed? Why is it that I cannot have my own emotions just because I am a mum? Am I not human? Is this marriage dying? Sometimes I’m really very sick and tired of this rs. We just passed 3 years of marriage but just gotten our bto. I don’t want to lose my dogs and baby that’s why I’m swallowing the thoughts. #pleaseadviceme

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