Intimacy during pregnancy

Ladies, do you and your husband still have sex during pregnancy? Since we found out about our pregnancy, we stopped altogether cause he’s afraid to hurt the baby, which I have reassured that it won’t happen. I even tried initiating sex but he would brush me aside. I guess what upsets me is that he watches porn, masturbates behind my back and yet wont even cuddle me like before. Must be my emotions but I feel like with this pregnancy, with the changes my body is going through. Not quite sure if he’ll even find me attractive post pregnancy. Even I don’t feel attractive myself. I don’t know if I’m the only soul who feels this lousy.. :(

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I can relate and understand how you feel, my husband was the same too during my pregnancy. However I realized it is a common mindset with husbands and we need to keep in mind they are going through a lot of changes too like us. It's not an excuse when they say they are afraid to hurt us or the baby, plus any position would be pretty awkward with the tummy in the way. I'm sure he still loves you and baby a lot, but I think you should have a heart to heart talk with him and explain your feelings and give him a chance to explain his. Good luck!

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For us, we have sex as per normal. Once every few days. I'm at week 33 now and exploring new position to accommodate the growing tummy as it could get quite heavy. I read n research, it says wont be harmful to baby. It's more of your own comfort, due to hormonal changes, some women tends to have lower sex drive or some have higher sex drive. Depends on your own body.

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We did but not very often. As the pregnancy advances, it gets q uncomfortable too.. Moreover, husband was afraid of hurting the baby too. Once baby is out, you may be too exhausted to even think of sex... If you don’t like what your husband, talk to him about it?

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Tried speaking to him about it, but he just says “soon soon”.. :( At times I feel like I’m all alone in this. I even told him that it will be worst once baby arrives. All the more we wouldn’t have time for each other :( I’m afterall still human, I still do want to feel loved.

My 1st pregnancy I feel the same way as you but my husband still wanting to have sex still now I'm pregnant again this time round it's me who doesnt feel like wanna have sex.

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Yes, I felt like that to as my husband had been working late and hence decreased libido... Things are better after the birth of our bb and his parental leave stated

Didnt have sex in second trimester, hub worried might hurt the baby and those awkward positions as the bump grow... I think is pretty common

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As long as the tummy is not too big and hard for sex, then I think sex is normal. Unless gynae told otherwise.

I didn’t want it ever since I found out I’m preg. My hubs is ok with it. Talk to your hubs.

No more sex since pregnant. I don't feel to want

No, don't think too much. Time will tell.