Sex desire at Week 26

I can strongly feel that my husband had a strong desire for having sex but he just doesn't want to admit or even open up about it. Even I had the same desire but I'm just afraid coz I've read a post saying that some ladies noticed a spotting after having sex. Or probably there are some other risks that I missed out? However, I really miss having sex with my husband and by the way my husband kissed me, with his heavy breathing sound near my neck and even at times he squeezed my boobs and butt, I can feel that he want it. I'm afraid but at the same time I want it too. Is it safe for me to have sex at Week 26 or not? The last time I had sex with my husband was like 2-3 months ago. What should I do?

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yes, if your gynae didn't say anything just go ahead and have it as often as you want. If you're worried just ask your husband to be gentle. My husband wants it every other day since I got pregnant, I had low placenta in my 24th week but now I'm 27th week my placenta went up, and my gynae only cautioned us to be gentle those few weeks. Which was what my husband did every other day. We did not have any issues.

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yes sex is relatively safe during 2nd trimester unless you have a low lying placenta. we did have a good time...but we first checked with our gynae..

sex is possible when you are not in risk, can double check with gynae if unsure.. try to avoid rough sex or difficult position..

Prioritize baby's wellbeing over sex is my advice, you can give him the green light to use his right ✋ whenever he wants.

As long as there's no complications for your pregnancy yes

have sex as much as you want but not nearing ur edd