Sex doll in marriage

Does anybody’s husband has a sex doll or is it only just mine? My husband, who has a high sex drive, recently bought a sex doll to spice up our sex life. Before he bought, he did ask my thoughts on sex dolls. I told him it’s weird to play with one when we’re having sex. I also told him that it is as though he is not satisfied with me that he feels the need to use sex doll to “spice up our sex life”. He disregarded my opinion and bought it anyway, saying that he bought it for me (it’s a female sex doll), which I personally thought the doll is actually more for him. I don’t have a great body, big boobs and whatnot. It hurts thinking my husband is not satisfied with what he has (me) in our sex life. He asked me the other night if he could ride on the doll to test it. He did afterwards. I just feel like I lost respect for him. If you’re going to say, “well, at least he’s not cheating on you”, that’s not the issue. It just speaks volume about an underlying problem in him. That he’s not satisfied with me and my body. In this pandemic where everyone is trying to be prudent in their expenses, he spent hundreds on this doll. Furthermore, he seems to be invested in the doll, watching tutorials how to put makeup on the doll, lubricating the doll’s skin, etc. I don’t know if I have patience to be with him anymore. Here I am trying to be a better Muslim woman, there he is focusing on worldly things.

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Oh dear I’m so sorry that you have to go through this :( So disrespectful of him. I cannot imagine how I am going to react after seeing my spouse have intimate relationship with a non living thing. It spooks me. Anyway I think he has been introduced to this idea from somewhere or someone. If I were you, I’d be interested to find out where he got all these information from like dolling up and lubricating a doll. It’s a slippery road because I think it’s a norm in Japan to treat these dolls like a real person? Apart from sexually, now he’s investing real emotions too...

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2y ago

Thank you for your response. I don’t know if I could ever be intimate with him knowing that he sought pleasure from an inanimate object that he objectifies. I mean, if the doll pleasures him, what is the point making love with me, right?