When will it be safe to have sex during pregnancy?

I’m about 12 weeks pregnant. My hubby and myself haven’t have sex for more than 3 months and it’s torturing us. Not sure if it’s the pregnancy that’s making my sex drive higher or it’s too long we haven’t have sex. But my hubby is concerned that he might hurt the baby if we have sex during my pregnancy, so he is a bit reluctant to have sex. Anyone face the same issue as me? I feel bad for not being able to satisfy his needs.

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I’m currently 11 weeks pregnant and we have sex almost once a week. If you’re worried, can try different positions that aren’t so vigorous like both lying on the sides with him behind of course. Feels good as his hands can still roam around hehe

Having sex doesn’t harm the baby , it’s normal for you to feel That way because of your hormones. Just try not to get so rough . You can research more in google about good position to have sex during pregnancy:)

Have it while you can lol at later stage, you might not feel comfortable to do it anymore as it gets bigger and heavier. It’s good that your husband still wants it.

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It is completely safe for a woman to continue having sex throughout herpregnancy unless her gynaecologist has told her otherwise.

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It's safe to have sex through out the whole pregnancy unless you have any complications If you are healthy then go for it

From first trimester to 3rd trimester my husband and i had sex. But first trimester i try not to have sex so often.

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So far my husband and I still have sex from my first trimester till my last trimester.

It is perfectly fine to have sex throughout the pregnancy. Don't worry. :)

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it is totally fine to have sex throughout the whole pregnancy.

Its okay to have sex unless the gynae instructed not to!