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Aveeno or Cetaphil

Which one for newborn baby is better?
Cetaphil, also recommended by PD
Tried cetaphil before.
Been using Cetaphil baby for my little one since birth. All good!

liliputi buckle carrier

Any review for it? I'm planning to get it from baby fair.
Quite good but for people who perspire a lot, just get those mesh type ergo brand

post natal massage

Is post natal massage one hour or two hour better? I'm plan to have breast feeding...
2hrs u can hv a break. U can do breast feeding bef u start ur massage

stomach sensitive

Hi mummies I'm in 2nd trim. Sometimes I find that my tummy some area like become sensitive when i touch it. Issit becuz the baby at that area?
It could be hormones
Same here, especially at the bottom part.
Maybe it's your hormones causing your skin to react around there

baby movement

Hi I'm in week 20. Last few day I can feel baby kicking nearby my belly button area. But these few days i don't really feel baby kicking.. only have bubble feeling at my lower abdomen. Make me Abit w
Not to worry. It’s perfectly fine as sometimes baby is active and sometimes is not moving too much. :)
Dun worry, all is well..

my upper stomach bigger than lower stomach

Is this normal
Don’t worry!
Absolutely, don’t stress!
Each pregnancy is different for Mommy. 1st baby, 2nd baby, 3rd baby etc. As long as the Doctor indicate that both mother and child are safe, there's really nothing to worry about. Enjoy the pregnancy
Yes same
For me it was the other way round

baby movement issit happened everyday?

I'm 18wks now And I find that baby movement only like two to three times per week. Issit common ?
I didn’t feel it at 18 weeks
Shld feel baby movements more frequently as ur baby grows bigger.
Im week 18 , i havent feel any movement yet. But is normal to feel 2-3 a week
will get more as baby grow

hungry every two to three hrs

I heard lot of my fren say during pregnancy always hungry. But for myself I will get hungry every two to three hours. Is this normal? My Dr say normal but he complaining that I'm gaining weight. What
I get hungry every 2-3hours too. Sometimes even weird cravings in the middle of the night 😂
Its normal.
I also hungry every 3 hours... i would find some healthy nuts to snack on. Fruits too
Getting hungry every couple of hours is normal. You are feeding two people! However, you can opt for healthy snacks like fruits and nuts, oats and organic biscuits
Normal. If gaining too much can always opt for healthy snacks like nuts or fruits

do u prefer to have ur mil as ur confinement lady?

I heard lot negative comment when u have ur mil as CL .. so please share your experience here. Thanks
I will never ever let my mil do confinement for me even though we stay together (waiting for bto). I will lock door and deny access.
Absolutely not. Not that she would even volunteer for that anyway lol
no never!!! i had my own mom to help me during my confinement for a week afterwards i took care of myself n baby. i die die won't let my mil do my confinement too bossy
CL better, they work for us and get thungs done. MIL we probably have alot to listen to her. It depends on each individual as well. My mil is very uncontrolling and easy going with her direct child

upper abdomen feel very tight

From 1st trim My upper abdomen will feel tight and become hard after I had a short walk. And recently after I eat or whenever suddenly it will become tight and hard. Is this common?
Yes it's common. But you should check with your ob-gyn also.