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recommendation for dry shampoo
Hi mummies any brand recommendation for dry shampoo during confinement?
Can try baby powder to apply on the scalp
Tdap and influenza
I'm week 29, can I take both jab together?
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Hi... please consult your gynecologist
bonbijou or keenz.
Which stroller is better? Any stroller to recommend?
Go to babyfair n test it out :)
preorder from mummy market
I have preorder a baby cot from mummy market (baby fair). Usually how other mummy bring back the babycot? Can it fit into a cab?
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Yes, it will fit in a cab.
which insurance company offer the best hospitalisation plan?
Which one u got? Can share.
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I brought from prudential as its more of the agent who we felt will follow through if anything happens
For the mommy or the newborn? There are some companies offering discounted insurance for newborn
camera for new parents
I'm thking to get a better camera to capture my baby... My budget below 1k. Am I able to get any good camera or just stick with my smartphone camera.
Phone camera is easiest plus quality is so good nowadays
It’s my phone as it’s always next to me, easy to carry n I can keep capturing baby pics often.
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I'll go for canon (:
Lumix has some affordable ones, otherwise camera phone still works well.
Usually end up taking with smartphones cos it is always with you 😄
flu and cough vaccine
Can we go nuh take flu and cough vaccine? Need call up and make appt?
Yes u can. Try calling them to them what is the procedure.
is liliputi buckle carrier ergonomic?
I have brought liliputi buckle carrier only find out some carrier is not ergonomic to baby. Anyone have any idea? And issit suitable for new born baby?
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When u buy a carrier to your baby look for a logo of international hip dysplasia institute. Some carrier will have this certification to recognise that these products are safe for a healthy hip develo
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I use ergo and its good.
Aveeno or Cetaphil
Which one for newborn baby is better?
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Cetaphil, also recommended by PD
Tried cetaphil before.
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Been using Cetaphil baby for my little one since birth. All good!
liliputi buckle carrier
Any review for it? I'm planning to get it from baby fair.
Quite good but for people who perspire a lot, just get those mesh type ergo brand