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For natural birth how to know is the stitches is good? How to see?
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check if there's pus
full formula milk need to feed plain water?
My babies below a month and full formula milk . Some ppl say if full formula milk need to feed baby some plain water. Issit true? Tia
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Nope. I went for baby talks and they said no water below 6 months
Recently I asked polyclinic doctor the same question. His answer is no water for baby but we can input more water into baby's formula. Sometimes I will give extra 5-10ml of water into my LO formula.
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No always use boiled water let it b cool for lukewarm n mix it with formula
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Dont need. No water before 6 months
hi mommies can share when u all started to bathe?
I bathe on the second day after delivery and wash hair on the 12th day.
Second day after delivery showered from head to toe in hospital. During confinement showered everyday with herbal and washed hair every other day. :) Did not follow strictly confinement rules as I fi
When i reach home the second day straight wash hair wash body bth le 😂
2nd day!
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I hv done my bath 4th day after coming fm hospital n hd hair wash aftr 11 days
Personal hygiene is very important. Don't be in a state of unclean when dealing with your newborn as they're weak immuned and more receptive to pick up things from us as we moms deal with our newborns
baby moving alot during week 38
It's common? I read from online baby shall move lesser as not much room for them.
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Maybe it is caffeine intake? Coffee is ok as long as you adhere to the limit given by gynae
baby full month gift
Hi mommies any recommendations for baby full month gift set? Tia..
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Cup cakes from sweetest moments. I think they are reasonably priced, and it is quite decent tasting
walk more or less during 3rd trim
Shall we walk more and less during 3rd trim for easy labour?
Walk...I walked a lot...n yes I have a easy labour for all 3..by 4push baby out
Walk more. It really helps you during your delivery. I was in labour for only 3 hours.
It's good to walk if you can, bit don't overdo it!
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Walk more, will be easier when giving birth
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upper stomach pain in week 34
Hi mummies I'm in week 34 with upper stomach pain, not very intense. And backache sometimes. Issit sign of labour?
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U ll noe when it’s labour
recommendation for dry shampoo
Hi mummies any brand recommendation for dry shampoo during confinement?
Can try baby powder to apply on the scalp
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Tdap and influenza
I'm week 29, can I take both jab together?
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Hi... please consult your gynecologist
bonbijou or keenz.
Which stroller is better? Any stroller to recommend?
Go to babyfair n test it out :)