After giving birth to my first child. I had eating disorder for about 2 months... everyone’s been telling me, “you’re still skinny after having a baby” I don’t know if I shall feel proud about it because deep down I’m not happy with my body. I’ve always wanted to have thick body... before I was pregnant... my weight was 50kg sharp. during pregnancy i gained 10kg = 60kg I’m so happy at that point because my husband told me that I look more attractive with more meats on me. But it didn’t last long and now my weight is back to 50kg. I tried eating but still no sign of gaining... HOW? is there any tips on gaining weight? Please help me.

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Hi, As long as you feel healthy and have a good appetite, it should be fine. Just don't think on it too much and have a regular diet. You can add in banana milk shakes and smoothies in your diet as they help in gaining weight but the focus mostly should be to be healthy and fit :) Hope this helps

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Omg I feel you!! I hate it that I’m always 40+ kg. I was pretty happy during my pregnancy because I managed to hit 60kg! I actually started plant protein power to “bulk” up Don’t give up mama. We are beautiful in our own ways

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How I wish I could get back to 50 kg since I gave birth my weight stays at 56, I gained 12 kg but didn't go back to normal, ur lucky, I think u should keep eat n eat to gain weight

My dear you should be ever thankful that you are created in such great shape and weight. It’s never easy if you’re meaty always trustnme

Hey mama, u have to take into consideration of ur health too okay? Ur BMI.