My wife is very hot tempered and she like to hit me when she lose her temper. She will dig her fingernail into my skin and sometimes she will slam my head against the wall. I don't want to hit her back. I love her. I believe she loves me too. How can I calm her down. And stop her from abusing me like this.

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Strayjacket. And it's good that you dont lash back. But all joking aside this isnt normal and she needs help. Stand your ground let her know shes over stepping herself.
Talk to her that's the best thing to do. And salute to you for not hitting her back!👍
Try to understand her
Talk to her
She does that in a soft loving way or in a aggressive manner. If she is very aggressive and does that in front of others apart from you 2 , then please talk to her about it when she is in a good mood