My wife is very hot tempered and she like to hit me when she lose her temper. She will dig her fingernail into my skin and sometimes she will slam my head against the wall. I don't want to hit her back. I love her. I believe she loves me too. How can I calm her down. And stop her from abusing me like this.

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Hey man, I know it’s tough, but this is very normal. Hormones, and all kinds of worries, her own thoughts on pregnancy etc. You have to see it from her point of view. The stress of all that is happening is more than you and I would ever be able to understand. Look, you can take it. She is YOUR wife and no one else’s, that means you are the one chosen to take of her and it also means you can do it. Just hang in there man, it will get so beautiful very soon. Patience bro, just a whole lot of patience. Here for you, praying for you

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10mo ago

yeah you carry on getting your head smashed against the wall! wth leave mate! she's lost the plot