How many of you have a MIL like mine? She comments on every single things. Sometimes she make me feel like I'm stupid and want to suicide, sometimes when my husband defends me she is very unhappy like a child, sometimes when I got my point she will force her experiences on me, sometimes she ignored me when I want to explain more, sometimes she disrespect my decision for baby. I couldn't sleep last night just thinking of banging my car on something. Sorry for ranting, I tried to be positive and divert my attention from negativity by reading watching TV talking to baby chatting to FnF etc. None of these works long, because the toxic MIL will not stop commenting. I avoided her but she somehow can find chance to bring up the topic. My husband had tried a few times asking his mom to stop all this nonsense but it don't works long too. I know she cares but I need my space

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Sometimes it's better to just ignore her words. It doesn’t matter what she thinks of you or says about you behind closed doors or even right in front of your face. Her opinions have no basis in defining what you’re all about. They aren’t the truth. They have no purpose other than to hurt or harm you. I hope you find your inner peace :)

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Find your peace. Hear her talk but don't listen. Just smile and nod.