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My feet have become quite swollen and an aunty told me that using coconut oil will help bring down the swelling. Is there any other easy remedy?
I'm not sure about any other remedy but ive done this myself so I know it works. I used coconut oil to massage my feet. It helped improve blood circulation and bring down swelling.
I am at the end of my first trimester and have had no cravings so far. Is this normal?
Yah don't worry it's normal 😀😄n enjoy your 2nd tm
Has any mum faced any complications after taking epidural? Could you pls share your experience?
I feel an epidural is the worst experience ever. I was given one for C section for my elder son. Though I faced no complications but till now face it's after effects...pain in the lower back. I never
My haemoglobin levels are usually always low and around 10gm/dL. Will that affect my pregnancy? If so, is there any desi remedy to help with this problem? Pls suggest.
Yes. Low haemoglobin means an open invite to a lot of issues whether now or in future. Common ailments too can happen to those with low haemoglobin. So pls consult your gynac on what u need to do. U m
Post pregnancy, I seem to have developed a severe bout of acne, especially around my chin area. Can you suggest any remedy?
you can definitely start applying tea tree oil as it can really work to reduce and remove acne. in my case, using simple Colgate white toothpaste on the acne also helped to dry them off and eventu
Can besan ke laddoo be consumed as confinement food? Is that helpful?
New mums require nutritious diet and body replenishing things to re-build the strength that one loses delivering a child. It is believed that rich foods and sweet like panjiri, laddoo's etc., aid in
I just read somewhere that Palak Paneer is actually not at all nutritious. Does anybody have a different opinion?
thanks for the question! in fact, i regularly make palak paneer at home which my kids devour, along with me. we all know that both spinach and paneer are really good for health, hence it does seem qui
Is it recommended for a newborn (4 weeks) to wear shoes?
Shoes are worn only when the baby is ready to walk. Till then you can make the baby wear pretty socks. A newborn is mostly swaddled all the time so it is senseless to make it wear shoes. It would also
I have heard ajwain roti is a great confinement food. What are its benefits and how much is good for health?
i used to add ajwain to my foods all the time, during pregnancy, before and even while breastfeeding, still do. it is a natural protector against indigestion, acidity and heartburn, so it will be e
Is there really a difference between raising a boy and a girl, especially when they are just 6 months?
no...i don't think there is any difference at all, especially at this young age. my SIL has a son and a daughter and she followed the same parenting techniques for both. and both the kids have turned