My wife is very hot tempered and she like to hit me when she lose her temper. She will dig her fingernail into my skin and sometimes she will slam my head against the wall. I don't want to hit her back. I love her. I believe she loves me too. How can I calm her down. And stop her from abusing me like this.

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Sorry to hear that. As the saying goes, you don't fight fire with fire. So, you're doing a great job at staying calm. But at the same time, don't let her take her anger out on you. When she gets angry, you need to reason out with her. She will have a hard time to do it but you can make it clear that you're not going to take the abuse, and you want to understand her feelings but if she's going to react on her emotions, you're not going to get involved. That should give her time to think through about what she's about to do and hopefully, help your relationship.

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