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I am just wondering, at this stage of 32 weeks, when I feel my belly, especially when baby is pushing or stretching and there will be a very obvious bump on one side. Will that be the head or shoulder
Hi, it does feel uncomfortable at this stage and its normal to worry whats that bump. I had that too when I was 30-ish week. but whether its the head/bum/elbow/legs really does not matter. Just be a l
Can any mummies share your bills in Mt A or PEH? I was told by my gynae that PEH is cheaper?
Yes. It is before claims. Do check with your clinic on the comparison. They can advise better.
I have the funkiest, vivid dreams eversince I am pregnant. It's always colorful and eventful, adventurous, and most times I am on a traveling mode be it a car, ship, train or plane. Sometimes I do get
Haha ya! He is always the first person to hear about my dreams and told me to keep a journal. I must have compiled at least 30 that I can remember. Have to write it down immediately when I wake up tho
I am feeling extremely tired and sleepy all the time and can't seem to stay awake for long hours. This is my week 30. Any mummies facing the same thing?
Yah! I noticed if I had white rice, I can fall asleep almost immediately. I have always been having more vegetables and fruits as its part of my diet and I stay away from processed food or sweets stuf
Today I had 3 occasions where when I sneeze or cough I involuntarily leak some pee. Does that mean that my muscles are loosening? I heard kegel exercise helps?
that's normal. sometimes I laugh too hard and leak pee too. lol!! amd totally agree with idza wear a panty liner! ! hehe! also it could be baby testing on your bladder so sometimes you feel like pee
How would you sterilize baby bottles? Using the conventional Way of boiling water or using a UV Ray sterilizer? What is the difference? #parenttown
I’m using steam sterilizer
Now being in the 3rd trimester, j can hardly find a good position to sleep at night without having to wake up 3-4 times. Also because now the bladder is being pressured. It breaks my sleep and I will
Stretching helped me a lot. Every night whenever I feel uncomfortable, I'll do simple stretches. Hope it helps you too.
I am a high risk mom to be for the first time. Giving birth at age 40 is taunting and being clueless of what will go on during labor scares me. Can anyone share with me if you had experience giving bi
Hi,congratulations! I recommend you attend prenatal classes such as Hypnobirthing, which can help you learn what to expect,how to overcome your fear and things you can do to achieve natural and gentle