what if you find out your parents / in-laws is cheating ? what will you do ? Will you ask them or tell them?

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If parents i will question them and make sure no more stupid thing happening/going to happen. In laws, cant be bothered. Anyway this happened to me. Both in laws already have marital affairs before hub and i got together. However, if any "funny" business happens, i will tell hubby. Other than that, don bother to care as long as it doesnt affect hub and me. Whatever they wanna do is their businesses, they are old enough to know what is right and wrong. Furthermore, if you try to say them, they can rebuke u by saying "who are you to even interfere"

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I will ignore, will 1 to 1 talk if things is getting serious. But still is not our position to say much. Probably will get blame either way.. Say it or not saying it.

No. Tell your Husband & leave it to him to talk to his father or Mother. This is what I did when I found out my fil had an affair & even had a bb with that woman!

wow, ermmm i think I'll talk to hubby. if I'm on good terms I'll ask them. otherwise I'll just ignore, after all not my business. not my family can ready.

if my father cheats = tell my mother and let them settle themselves (and vice versa) if in laws, tell husband and let him decide what to do next.

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Really tough to answer .. Well , perhap ignore it ? As long as it dont intefere ... We cant do anything since its their relationship and not our.

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This is really a tough question. Are you in good terms with them? If yes. find a time to sit down and slowly talk to them about it.

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Agree with you!

I will ignore if they r my in laws. If they r my parents, i will definitely ask them about it.

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for my parents, I'll speak to him /her first. for in laws, I'll let my hubby knows.

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For my own parents, yes I will confront but for my in laws I'll tell the hubs