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booking of hotel

when traveling with ur LO (few months old), do you book the hotel indicating for 2 adult or you'll put 2 adult & 1 child?
I indicate 2+1 with baby age
2 adults +1 child (with age)
Yes. Ask for a baby cot if the hotel provides it.
2 adults.
Yes request for baby cot

infant care

Hii, which schools are under ECDA?
All schools's just whether they are SPARK certified if that's the concern
All schools...
All de infant n childcare under ecda... Even private sch...
Most schools are under ecda
All schools are... Even private childcare centres


cn baby shower be held before his 1st month injection? mil super against belated celebration...
Traditionally Baby shower is on the full moon of baby’s birthday (1 month). In SH, We will arrange on a weekend so it might be few days after baby’s first month

baby injection

Baby will have his 1st month injection on the exact date? meaning exactly 1 month after his birth / discharge?
Don't have to be exact. The polyclinic will give a range of dates (around a few days to a week) for you to choose within the period for the injection.
Dun need to be exact
No need to be on the exact 1 mth date. But certain vaccine must be done by certain date like the 2nd dose of rota virus buz be done within 2 or 3 months of the 1st dose.... That is if u arw taking rot
Doesn't have to be, but because there are so many vaccines to arrange for in the first 18 months, try to stick close to the timeline. The polyclinic will help advise you on scheduling the subsequent i
You can check the immunisation chart here. Call to arrange an appointment with the polyclinic or GP.


anyone tried this before? isit good?
thumb image
I prefer this over the kotex maternity pads cos this has wings
Actually you can just purchase the normal overnight long maxi kotex. It's the same thing.


isit safe to do ipl treatment while pregnant?
Nope. Even ipl centre also has rule stated that not recommended for pregnant woman. :)
Best not to


any advice for mum who is bringing her newborn (3m) overseas for the first time?
We brought our daughter to Penang and Tokyo when she was 4 months plus, celebrated her 5 months in Tokyo(in the month of February) Got green light from PD, he just advised to bring Paracetamol for ju


is batam a good place to bring 3m old baby to?
Hemm. Can. But recently got haze dunnno issit batam affected
I’d think it’s ok but depends on the baby? Some babies are just easier to travel with compared to others.

LO clothing

@ what month / age of your LO, u start washing their clothes together with adult in washing machine?
since birth i just saparate the colours😬
After 2 years
Preferably after 5 years old. Kids skin can still be very sensitive...
Hi, 3 to 4 years old


Any mummies know where I can buy this?
thumb image
You can try buy online Shopee