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isit better for baby to sleep on foam mattress or spring mattress?
how to start solid food?
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I started with organic rice cereal.
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Can intro rice cereal to bb. Start with one teaspoon and offer BM/FM after :)
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Can start with mashed veggies like potato or carrot, steamed or boiled, give it for few days.
what are the sign of teething?
Biting, puting hand in mouth and drooling.
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Drooling, cranky, biting fingers, fever , poor appetite
when did your baby start teething?
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4 month plus got her first 2 teeth both came out tgt full at 5 month.
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7mth plus
6months 1week.
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7 months
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Around 6 mos. One tooth is already out now few days short to 7th month
genting msia
what should I pack when bringing baby to genting?
Pacifier. Jacket
Enough clothing to cover baby up - I brought beanies that could cover her ears also.. thicker socks.. brought an inflatable bath tub to bathe baby in.. my portable UV steriliser and breast pump! I too
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Thicker clothings, medication etc
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Medications, thicker clothing, diapers, baby food..
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As weather is cold there, bring baby's jacket and thicker clothings.
can 4/5m old baby go genting msia?
Hi....just to share...i went to sabah kinabalu om my gals first birthday..tge fist 2 days we enjoyed our trip till we drove up near the gal was having runny nose nand was real t
Be well prepared. Every baby is different. Some have it easy bcs baby slept all the way thru the trip. Some baby might fuss & will cause you to be more tired instead of enjoying the trip.
Yes. But must be prepared well
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Yes, but it’s a long journey. Might be tiring for mummy and baby
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Why not good experience for parents with little one. Genting is no longer cold like last time. Just wrap baby well will be fine.
when can baby sit on stroller?
Actually newborn can use stroller already only they are only able to lie down.
LO ear
how do u clean ur LO ear? (outer and inner)
You may want to see the attached photo
thumb image
when to give LO teether?
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Since I notice my lo started biting something.. I hv given
when your baby shows signs of teething e.g. excessive drooling, biting/sucking fingers etc.
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Usually 6 months unless ur baby teeth grow faster which is about 4 months ?
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When u see or feel his teeth coming out
3m jab
can I bathtub bathe my son after 3m jab? or wipe down will do?
Hey, Yes should be fine
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Yes still can bathe as normal
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I still continue but gently
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Yup. I still do that for my LO.