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milk supply
hi, can mummies share with me effective ways to increase milk supply?
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Would recommend lactation goodies! It works for me!
Breast Lactation massage
how much (ml) do you feed your 1m old baby? expressed breast milk
Depends. My baby before 1 mth drank 90
Hi, Actually it very much depends on the child to child's capacity.
My baby took 30ml the first month and 60ml the second month at 2-3 hours' interval. In her 3rd month now she takes 80-100ml every 2 hours
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It depend on your baby intake whether they are full a not. Different baby different amount. My baby take about 90ml for 1st week of birth after that is 120ml 2 hourly. After 5 weeks is 160ml 2 hourly
is perfume harmful for 1m old baby? like isit okie for someone who wear perfume to hugs baby?
Should be fine for awhile.
Parfum is toxic. Please if can avoid. Totally avoid. All these are chemical hundred of chemical imagine bb so young n keep inhaling these strong chemical into their body? But at time your fren who
I don’t think it’s harmful if it’s only for short periods of time
Won't say is harmful but best not to have if you are carrying baby for a long time.
Wearing perfume around your baby is personal choice, but knowing the facts can help to inform your decision. If you can't give up the good smells, try using natural perfumes or essential oils, which c
1st month jab
can I just walk in to polyclinic for the injection or do I need to book appt?
Book appointment
Book appt
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Book appointment online:)
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Book appt
Need to book appt
My LO sleeps better when he's at living room instead of room... anyone knows why? living room - fan only room - aircon 26degree
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Hi... I think there’s no hard and fast rules in this matter. Probably just your LO preference
cda card pin
can we change the pin for the bank card for cda
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Yes! The DOB and IC number that they ask you to key in at the ATM machine is the parent’s one (the one who has the joint account with the child)
Yes. Go to the atm machine to do it.
introduce pacifier
how old is ur LO when u intro him / her pacifier?
Around 6 - 7 weeks.
do u use soap to wipe baby - evening wipe time? if yes, how do u go about doing it?
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Can use warm water with cloth or there is no rinse cleansing water with cotton pad! Bought mine from mustela
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I don’t use soap to wipe baby. I’ll wash baby buttock with soap and water
I only use warm water to wipe. No soap
I’ll do a wipe down using a washcloth in warm water! :)
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Nope! No soap! Warm water only
dining out
anniversary with my husband coming up soon, we plan to go out celebrate. however we need to bring our 1m old baby along because no one cn help to tc. anyone cn share the experience of dining out w 1m
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I find it easy at that stage.. Just ensure baby is alr well fed and diapers all changed. Maybe go to places whr its nt so crowded n noisy
cooler bag
any reviews on the following cooler bag : - packit - vcool - Autumnz
I used fridge to go..Best investment ever. Can keep things (milk) cold for a very long time