Do you consider your child’s feelings or results?

I have known many kids nowadays which parents only care about their results, studies. They give them as much as possible tuition sessions until no time is left rest. They keep their children as busy as possible so they could do well in their grades and become successful people. I can understand what the parents are feeling, they just want the best for their children. But what about how the children feel? They do so many things that they don't like Maybe they hate going to tuition, they hate being forced into doing Sports, Arts, Music Or even worse, being forced into a secondary school that they don't want to get into. Most children will not tell their parents as they wanted to be the pride of their parents. They will just do what their parents asked them to do even dough they lacked passion and hated it, they lacked passion and love into what they are doing. they don't tell the parents because they scared their parents will scold them. they will always compare with other people like what their parents did and felt that they are worse than the other people. They didn't know how well they did. I felt sad about this and I think you should encourage them rather than forcing them. a small word of encouragement would make them happy and you should make them discover their talent. listen to them all the time and treat them with respect and love Spent more time with your family and lastly Every time they did well, tell them how great they have done and told them that they could do better to encourage them. Please comment if you have more ways to encourage your kids rather than forcing them. Thank you!!! I'm a 12-year-old girl who has been through all this so I wanted lesser kids to be like me now. I wish parents could change their attitude towards their kids and give more attention to them

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If my kids were to choose what they like i would happily agreed. Growing up in an enviroment of parents who are being in controlled doesnt work. Kids nowadays need discipline too. Parents are not forcing but wanted the best for their kids. After secondary maybe you may choose what you want. Parents have their best interest at heart.

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I agree with you too!