During pregnancy and after giving birth

This is just a random post. Lengthy but read it if you want to 😉 I think it is normal for in-laws or your parents to tell you or your spouse that your child looks more like them or does not look like you. Don't you think? I understand the reason for your annoyance and all you could do is just smile and say absolutely nothing about it. But what I don't exactly understand is the reason you're hating your parents/in-laws for saying that. I'm alright if they were to say that to me because I will feel more weird if they were to tell me that my child looks nothing like me or my spouse or anybody in the family tree. Yknow what i mean? 😂 I have divorced parents. Both of them remarried. I have 3 step-siblings. I have divorced in-laws. One of them remarried. You have no idea how big my family is right now and the time we have to split for them and be fair to everyone. But! It's all worthy. Cause I know if I love them like my own and if anything bad were to happen to me or my spouse, I know that these people will take my child in and raise and love him/her as much as I love them. They are overall parents. And your child is their grandchild. It's your first time having a child but you gotta understand something. That this is their first time as well for having a grandchild. One day, you're gonna feel the same way too. Some of you might or might not agree with me. All I'm saying is, your in-laws are your spouse's parents. They raised and took care of your spouse before you came into their life. When you agree to marry your spouse, you have to understand that you have to love the parents just like your own. Eventhough your relationship with your own parents are screwed, that does not give you any rights to hate your spouse's parents. If you feel that way, you gotta ask yourself why marry their child then? My mother always told me to keep my mouth shut if nothing good is coming out of my mouth so that I don't hurt people unneccessarily. If you really hate them to the core, just do the same when you're around them. Better still, just don't associate with them and stay away. But do understand one thing, you can stay away but there is no way in heaven/hell that you can cut your child's ties with them because a certain percentage of their DNA, is running through your child's veins. Truth hurts darling, but it's the truth. Cheers 😉

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Living with good understanding and certain distance is good