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Which brand of diapers is best for NIGHT use & big-size babies? Baby sleeps through the night & juz 3 hrs of sleep & his urine leaked out from e front, at e groin area. Has been using Merries. Baby is
No matter which brand u use if ur lo urine a lot u still need to change at least once 2-3 hours after he zzz
When do ur kids start taking honey drink?
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15mths onwards
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Around 8 months
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After 1.5years old
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after 1 yo :)
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after my kid turn 1 year old, he practically has tasted everything.
I have 'dug' out small amount of avocadoes for my baby yesterday & put in a closed lid container & put in e fridge. Intended to feed baby but totally forgot abt it. Can i still give it to him today? T
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Yup! Cut avocados are safe for 3-4 days in the fridge, especially if wrapped tightly in cling wrap or air tight container. If avocado has an off smell or appearance, especially if there's mold, then d
My 1yr old boy slouches when he is sitting down on e floor independently while playing a toy or reading a book. His lower back seems like 'popping out'. But there r times when he sits upright. Is it a
It will get better. I noticed this in my 3 year old as well. He sits really straight now.
Normal la. Chill out dear :)
It's normal! Toddlers like to slouch when they play! It will get better once they turn 2-3yo like that!
Wad other GREEN veges do u give to ur child? I have tried brocolli & spinach. Some greens r more 'cooling' like spinach. Any other suitable ones for babies?
I give everything. Anyway I try not to give the same thing Everyday so it Wong be too cooling or too heaty
I explored zucchini (both green n yellow ones). I also gave my girl celery. now i intro capsicum too.
my mil tried xiao bai cai!
Anybody tried ordering confinement catering? Any recommendation for catering tat is not too ex? Tian Wei Confinement catering looks good but the pricing is too high for me to afford. Am thinking if it
Why not look for homebased type. If you keen let me know I check with my neighbour if she is stil doing
Natal essentials.
I did; I ordered from natal essentials. Food potions are huge and not to oily for me. However, some of my friends find their food bland but to me. I suggest you order the trial meal from different cat
Expecting your no 2 . Actually you can try looking for confinement lady who cook meals instead . Or you can try "rich food" they might be the cheaper
The prices i did tried comparing before. It's around the same too
At wad age does ur child starts learning to self feed using spoon?
Around 10 months let her try to hold the spoon and put the food(purée) into her mouth. 14 months able to eat yogurt with spoon by herself but messy...😆 after that she has been eating using spoon by
Around 1 year.
2 years plus
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My boy started around 2+
When baby suddenly get fever of more than 38 degrees, is there such thing as heatiness in his body? Tatz wad old ppl says..?
I have baby barley whenever he gets too heaty. How old is baby now? Boil some.barley with winter melon
Yes yes can be. Try to give baby cooling stuffs instead
Yes. But u can observe. Sometimes fever is the first symptom of other illnesses like cough or flu or whatever. At the same time u can give baby more water, make barley or chrysanthemum to drink - no s
drink some cooling stuffs to dispel the heat
yes it's possible elderly don't believe in viral. i went to TCM (2 diff doc in fact) both said very heaty
Dear working mums, when ur child is 11 months old, and if u do not have time to cook for LO's dinner, wad do u do? Give cereal again? My LO is in ifc. Morning taking cereal, afternoon taking porridge.
Would be good to get more variety other than cereal and porridge. How about some fruit and vegetables? Can steam in the morning, keep in the fridge ready for evening meal.
A quick fix I love when I'm too busy to prepare and cook is oatmeal. Just cook oatmeal with water/milk (I use frozen breast milk), then add fruits such as Apple, pear, banana etc. Fast, easy and nutri
Actually I prepare 2 portions of porridge for her at the start of day in a thermos shuttle chef small pot. Inner pot is removable and can use over fire/stove. in the morning after porridge is done, i
How is ur working environment?. Will it be possible to store raw ingredients in e fridge? Pre-prepare e needed ingredients fr home..u can make soup using the electric lunch box with mummy jorelle's me
I make food in batches and freeze them in portions. 'I'll take out the portion in the morning and put it in the fridge. When I'm home I'll just warm it up in a bowl of hot water and do other things.
Selling Anello bags (big size) @ $40 only! Various colors to choose from. Wanna check out on other colors, do msg me @ 97899437. I'm using it to put baby's stuffs when going out. Extremely useful as i
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babe got more pictures of the inside?