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What were the most important factors to consider before having a kid?
Finances, age, help, family?
To me, the golden qns is do you really want to have kids and why? The more traditional Chinese see not having a child as unfilial to their parents. The more modern ones say the children will take care
Is the person your partner with have a good charachter? Everything else easier , family, money, time etc If the person is a scoundral doesnt matter if your rich or poor life is gonna be hell for you.
Time is an issue Money is an issue How u and ur s/o communicate regarding about future with baby is an issue Help not so much if ur hubz is helping Patience and tolerance is an issue (they will keep c
Compatibility with partner
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finance n age
When is it safe to have sex again after delivering? What if i am/or hubby is ready but worried about the pain? How do i initiate this...
The recommend period to continue sex after delivering is 6 weeks. You should also consult with your gynae if you are 'ready' to continue. You may feel dryness and slight burning feeling IF you h
How to teach kid's a routine to make sure they are brushing every part of their mouth in the most effective manner? Any videos or tips on how to do this?
By doing it with you lo everyday!!! I have been doing it together with my 3 year old. And i make it fun. Ill sing a song and make silly faces whilst doing it with him. Its hard to ensure they brus
Oh I love this question! This reminds me of the time my 3 year old cousin is learning to brush her teeth. Her mom would play this video non stop: And
Try incorporating song while they brush and get them to act out parts of the song : for example placing toothpaste on a toothbrush and brushing for 30 seconds on one side - counting...
If we as parents don't have any interest in coding, how can we ensure we are supportive and push our kid's to learn more about coding and have interest in it?
If you're interested in getting your child started on digital literacy, Google x Saturday Kids x 21C Girls is running a free full day coding camp at Google's offices this Saturday 27/8 (boys can join
There are lots of free resources online for kids to learn coding. Coding puzzle apps, coding games, coding languages designed for kids. Point your child to some of these sites and let them explore.
Dr Titus Wu, Is myopia hereditary? Is their supplements or foods you would recommend to strengthen eye-sight in children?
Yes, myopia is mainly hereditary however, other environmental factors such as excessive near work and poor eye care habits have also been shown to cause myopia progression. Rather than focusing on cer