Sometimes I don't understand why people are so hung up over the gender. I think we should just be grateful if the child is healthy and normal and raise them to the best of our ability. I have 2 boys myself and I get upset when I hear comments that I should try for a girl as they said girls will look after the parents in future. To me there's no difference and hope parents with boys do not think negatively and love them just as much.

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i have 2 boys. I am currently pregnant with 3rd boy, People thinks that i'm trying for a girl thus pregnant w 3rd one. What's wrong with having a boy? Yes it would be good to have a girl. But if not, as long baby is healthy and all is well. I don't understand why they would say girls will take care of parents better. I beg to differ. Having a girl will be having tonnes of worries - Their late nights - Their personal safety - The type of people they hang out with - Worse shot gun pregnancy. So much worries to handle for a girl. I will just tell people who comment me on having 3 boys. I would say. i have 3 body to protect me. I can train them to be helpful in house chores

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truly agreed! now i have a boy. people kept asking me to try for a girl cos got companion. i am not being selfish but i really can't manage if i have 2 kids. moreover, we have to take into consideration - finances. i am also scared of another caesarean. being the only kid, he can grow up to be a better person.

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i have 3 boys and everyone is encouraging me for a gal. the irony here is that, when i was pregnant with my #3 at the age of 43, everyone made so much comments like 'wah u so old so brave ar' etc.. yet the same people are suggesting me to try for gal 😂😂😂

as long the baby is healthy, gender doesn't matter! Good baby can alr!

Thumbs up! well said. healthy is more important then all else.