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Hi Mummies & Daddies My son who is 2yo in Playgroup since November 2017. I received his progress report from the teachers. He has shown slight improvements compared to last year. He is still quiet
Be part of his learning process by engaging and speaking to him more in Chinese! Give him words of encouragement on his progress- that will greatly motivate him!
Hi Mummies & Daddies, My son is already 20mo but he has yet to talk. He can only say 'Papa', 'Mama', 'Jie Jie' & '臭臭'. According to PD, he has to say two words like 'Don't Want' by 2yo. Is there
Einstein only started to talk at 3. Hope that gives you comfort. It also is no harm to see a speech therapist :)
If your mummy instinct feels something is not right, best to take to speech therapist. at least it'll give you peace of mind.
Some kids start taking only after 24 months. Keep talking and reading to him. Also sometimes kids pick up English faster than Mother tongue.
Hi~i think its all right for now. Some kids require more time than others when it comes to speech or language. U can try to read books to him and tell him why communication is important and encourage
Hi Daddies & Mummies, Any reviews on Picket Fence @Yishun? I plan to put my LO for 18mo playgroup. Thank you.
Hi Karen, Haven't enrolled there but it looks like a nice school! They also have a parent portal so you can speak to other parents too. Good luck on your child's first school! :)
Hi Daddies & Mummies, Is 18mo too young to put at childcare centre? Do the teachers feed kids who can't self-feed? Thank you.
I send my boy at 20 months.. No regret as he really learn a lot of things. Able to sing and speak lots of words. Able to recognise letters and numbers. Yes, Teachers will help to feed and at the same
I started my little one at 15 months at infant care and then transition to preschool. I am very glad we started her at preschool. She is very social Le and can speak a lot of words. Teacher thought
Dear Mummies & Daddies, My LO is 18mo & just started playgroup at Little Footprints Preschool yesterday. Since first day, I don't feel right as I find the principal & teachers are unwelcoming to us
Hi Karen, It's always tough letting go of your baby and seeing them grow up. I would suggest bringing up their behavior with them but taking the teacher's behaviour with a pinch of salt and see how y
Hi Mummies & Daddies, How can I train my LO to use a sippy cup? TIA!
At least he still drinks. Mine will spit out
Can your baby suck from the sippy cup?
you can also try that. Put a little water first. Then help bb to tilt to see if they can control the water flow
Put some water and help baby to tilt the cup up. A slight tilt first as the water will flow pretty fast. Slowly your LO will be able to control the sippy cup flow themselves. You can consider ge
Hi Mummies & Daddies, Which is necessary for LO? Brain Training or Enrichment Class? TIA!
Enrichment classes that my LO enjoys. Can be sports, music, ballet, art/crafts or classes that LO is enthusiastic to attend
none. more outdoor play under the sun is essential though.
Nothing as of now. Let my child play whatever she likes and have a happy childhood
none. i prefer my girl to be happy and enjoying her childhood
enrichment classes
Hi Mummies & Daddies, I am starting BLW for my baby (10 months old). Is it too late? Can I still feed him with porridge everyday? Or continue with BLW instead? Thank you!
It's never too late karen,my boy also 10months old now and I juz started BLW last month with him,he loves it but will be pretty messy,maybe you could laid garbage bag on the floor below his highchair
Y not have 1 meal BLW n 1 meal porridge or 2 meals BLW n 1 meal porridge ?
No worries mommy Karen =)
Not too late. Depends on when your child can sit steadily and unassisted. You can feed him Porridge and let him led wean. But it will be a mess. So I suggest for you to make rice balls, meatballs
If you want to start on BLW, you can just leave a bowl of porridge there and let him self feed (that's the purpose of BLW) Or you can pass baby carrot sticks and you feed him porridge, this way the
My baby who is 9 months old has HFMD. PD prescribed lotion, cream and drop for red spots & ulcers. What should I do now in order for him to recover?
Good luck :)
Hydrate and keep hydrating. That's all you can do now. Make sure baby don't scratch or irritate the affected areas as well.
importantly is to hydrate him as many babies will refuse food and water due to the mouth usclers. If possible, ask for an oral gel so you can help to numb the usclers so that baby will be able to
Hi Mummies & Daddies, Recently, my baby's body is hot but no fever. Temperature taken less than 37°C. Why is it so? Thank you!
Dont worry Karen:)
Babies generally feel warmer but that does not mean they are having fever. Thats totally normal. My 8 month old always feels so warm and when i take his temperature its always 36ish.