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Mummy or daddy... which one did your little one say first?
Mommy ❤️
What can be the best cream for removing stretch marks?
Go for natural remedies instead of cream
Olive and Marula oils.
argon oil can be used on the area prone to stretch marks. you can use it from the start. even bio oil can be used.
I used sebamed and had minimal stretch marks
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Are IVF babies healthy?

Maybe I should not have had a kid?

Do you regret having a child?
sometimes i do but thats becoz im tired or overwhelemed with my kids tantrums but most of the times im greatful to have her
To be honest I think everyone at some point feels like that even if they don't want to admit it. I felt like that it's my first child and I had no family of my own to help me. My husband and I were fi
Can i ask you something?
Not at all :) even I’m a single mom. I’m so happy to see my baby growing up. He’s everything to my family :)
I think peoples won’t regret but maybe the pressure of being a mom causing them feel that way. Maybe if someone want to be a mom they need to be very prepared mentally and physically before they try t

Number of kids and why

How many kids do you want to have and why?
i happy with just 1 :)
Nothing is impossible with God
I have 2 already and pregnant with #3. I'm done after this. Getting fixed
2kids. A pair of boy and girl
4 Bec I want 2boys and 2girls
What are the best things about becoming a mom? :)
the whole fact of creating another human which is a mini you :)
Good morning po, ask ko lang po ok lang po ba na inumin ng buntis ang Caltrate plus? Wala po kasi mismo brand sinabi sakin ng OB
My son the first said ‘ma’ i’m filling so happy happy.😍🥰
Seeing you children and realizing you are capable of loving someone that much. 😍
Hearing lo say “i love u” n spam hugs n kisses
How many of you get your maid to fold those plastic bags in triangular shape after going marketing or any groceries brought ?
I have no maids to do that. But a maid to a friend of mine did taught me that. It actually space saving and it is more organized too
I diy myself
great idea! i never thought about folding it in a triangular shape
I did it
I do it myself. Grandma taught me well 😊
During parenthood, what made you feel so guilty?
When I want to do something but we can't do it with the baby and I have the thought "if she is bigger, I can leave her to her grandparents"
Buying anything for myself
Not spending enough time
Being harsh to my kids
Buying myself something
How do you deal with your in laws that always interferes on raising your little one?
I'm lucky 'cause they don't interfere a lot, but give advices. If I have to tell them something, I just say it. Communication is very important and if you keep it day after day you'll explode.
Be very firm with them
To "interfere" is way different from giving advice. Like what most of the moms here said, it's ok to get advice from others, but to interfere is a different story. I won't allow anyone to interfere wi
tell this to them. esp to your mother in law. haha.
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My in-laws give me both solicited and unsolicited advice. I love how they show concern to my little one. There are times that their advice don't complement to that of our modern day parenting. I ackno