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There are some things only mums would understand. For all such discussions, this is the room.

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Eyelash extension salon

any recommendations for the best eye lash extension salon?
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Baby doesn’t want to be let down

My baby is 2 months old and wants to be carried all the time. He cries when we put him down. We are afraid that this becomes a bad habit for him. Should we let this behaviour continue or allow him
OMG my one month old is exactly the same! Swaddling doesn’t work on her at all, she hates it and kick it off with her powerful arms and legs lol. So I tried to get her to get use to the bouncer. Put h
Any idea for souvenirs/giveaways for baby boy's 1st birthday pls. Tia
Maybe some learned things? Like ABC 123 😅
Which kind of bra can I wear for this kind of top? I'm not comfortable with strapless bra
thumb image
Any kind of bra that u feel comforty 🤩
Mums what would you do if you had 1 hour uninterrupted guilt-free me-time?
SLEEP, even though the time is insufficient.
Would you rather your kids be smart or happy?
Happy and healthy.
What is the best home-based online job for moms?
cosmetics products
Would like to know how long does it takes to have your period/menses back after giving birth?
I don’t BF full time so my period came back in 3 months post-delivery both times. Although I’ve heard friends who BF full time and still have their period after a month post-delivery.
My friend is pretty well off and buys branded stuff and goes for exotic holidays. My husband doesn't earn that much and we can spend very frugally. This makes me sad and jealous. I am getting more
dont feel sad or jealous...we much know our husband long he carry his duty and responsibility we must thankful...