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I finally gained the courage to embark on a new journey. Even though I don't know if anyone would watch and would want to listen to my story. I will be starting a Mental Health Vlog channel, the ins
page not found whenever I click the link 🥺
Hi... I have a 23 months old baby in laws not very supportive... So even today I declined a job offer cos no one to take care of my baby... I am post graduate in English Litt has almost 7yrs of workin
check upwork and create your profile its the same with jobstreet or linked in but UPWORK jobs are related more to virtual or online jobs. hope you can find work from home jobs.

Obligated to have Sex?

Are wives obligated to have sex in a marriage even if they have no mood? My sex drive is dead. I can barely work up wanting to have sex once a month. Hubby thinks it’s part of marriage. I am at a lo
Why my 3 months old boy does not like to play with toy rattles?
3 months old is still small. Need to wait until at least 6 months or older.

Maybe I should not have had a kid?

Do you regret having a child?
Not at all motherhood is beautiful
if u r not a parent now, wad will u b doing instead?
Work overseas
Can I have green tea during brestfeeding for weight loss?
green tea didnt help much for losing weight. control ur eating habbit, exercise regularly. it can boost ur hormones n metabolism to lose some weight.
What do you feel moms when you observed that your husbands have been following pages of sexy celebrities in their social media accounts?
I can accept.
Please help, any work suggestions that I can do at home?

Feeling lost after having the younger one

Hi, I’m mummy of 3 kids.Elder one is 12 years old, 2nd one is 9 years old and younger one is 5 mths old. I’m fully bf my lo now. After my lo came, my life suddenly changed a lot. I’m felt so stresss t
Probably get ur mom or mom in law to help out if possible on ur older kids . But on the same time pump out ur breast milk and get them to feed the baby through the bottle so u can encourage the other