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Any mummies who intend to go back to workforce after 2 months of giving birth bring their newborn to interview? Does the interviewer mind?
I would suggest not to bring. It will become a distraction and may affect the interview.

Uncontested Divorce

anyone of you can advice me on uncontested divorce. my interim judgement has granted. now i need to wait for final judgement right 3mths. my husband has given his rights over my lo, it means i have so
Do you have a lawyer? Maybe he/she can advise you better.


I’m thinking of opening a savings account for my LO. What is your personal preference & what do you guys recommend?
OCBC Mighty Savers

Hospital bag

Hello mummies, can share what’s in your hospital bag? I have no clue on what to pack and prepare.. TIA

Mosquito Repellent

any suggestion mosquito repellent or air purifier (wat spell you recommend) or anything to put in house and bed room. my lo has a mosquito bite usually at nite. i dont know why. we have clean and dis
close all windows n toilet window panels at 5pm onwards....
Any idea what to buy for teachers day gift?

What do you regret the most in life?

Your biggest regret in life ?
mybiggest regret was i cant continue mystudy because money problem
My two-year-old is a fussy eater. How do I make sure that he is getting all the right nutrients?
i noticed my son was a picky eater now he already 7 years he always said to me im hungry... haaaa i think its normal cause they dont have a big tummy like us

Durian's, local fruits!

Is it okay to eat durian for pregnant women? My husband is Sabahan people. Durian? some of local fruits in Sabah that's famous and one of Sabahan favourite fruit's! Even tho it smells but it tastes go
eat normal. cos durian sugar level v high. for me, I avoid eating as I had GT when pregnant.