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Hi Mummies . I just gave birth 6 days ago . From Day 1 , I Wanted To BreastFeed My Baby But My Milk Supply Is Seriously Too Little . I Tried Pumping Both Side But End Up Only Getting 20 ml . I Seriously Felt Guilty For Feeding My Baby More Formula Milk Then My Own Milk . What Can i Do ?

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I have same issue with you. My baby showed sign of dehydration and we top up with formula. However I still breastfeed or feed her with whatever amount of breastmilk I pumped out. Do you feel your breasts got empty after breastfeed or pump? You can try engage lactation massage if you feel that your breasts are still not empty after expressing or blocked ducts. I did and my supply increases. Baby latching will also help to clear blocked ducts too. You can try lactation consultant too. It takes time. Breastfeeding is never easy. Hang it there.

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20ml is very good! Your baby’s stomach is so small. 20ml is adequate for now. Yor supply will increase together with the size of baby’s stomach. Don’t worry:) how much formula are you giving baby? Usually top up about 10-12ml formula during the first week. Not too much

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Your baby’s stomch capacity is probaby around 30+ to 40ml now, but yes soon it’ll get bigger again. And if you pump/latch a lot, your bm supply will go up too. Yes, my apologies, by 1 week+, might need to top up 30ml if you can’t pump out enough, but from experience (my LO’s now at 6 weeks), soon your bm will come pouring in:)

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Don't feel guilty if you have already do everything (try massage breast, use correct latch position, drink milk boosting food and etc) as it is also depends on our milk ducts. Nowadays formula milk has many nutrients good for baby too :)

If you want breastfeed try eat raw papaya soup. I same as you think of bf but only 20ml on first day. Second day 10ml. Third day don't have even I massage my breast

Don’t feel guilty mama! You are doing the best you can for your child. Try to latch your child as much as possible and your supply will come very soon.

Just keep pumping and latching, milk supply will start increasing soon. Supply = demand so rmb to pump on time and latch baby everytime he wants milk.

It's ok to mix feed. What you can do is to continue latching your baby and perhaps take supplement to boost your supply. Drink more water.

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Try to pump every 2h. Massage and let your baby latch on you. Otherwise I recommend legendairy milk to boost your supply

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Hi... you might find this article informative

Supply will increase greatly in the first 2 weeks! Just try to empty ur breasts often. Hold on!