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Eyesight test for toddlers

I suspect that my 2 yr old might need glasses. He usually see fine but when he is running, he tend to hit the wall on the side. Can i go to any optic shops to get him tested or is there any specfic
The eye clinic by Dr Cheryl Lee at Mandarin Gallery treats toddlers , and she’s vv patient with kids!

blood in pumped milk

Saw doc last week due to clogged duct and fever and doc said likely mastitis due to cracked nipple. Was given oral and topical antibiotics. Just finished the oral antibiotics. During my last pump,
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I think is fine but do monitor any fever. If yes, see doc

Bringing 4 yr old to genting

Hi all, am considering a trip to genting with my 4yo son but is concerned about toileting. If we were to take a coach there, how is the cleanliness of the toilets?


Attending a housewarming gathering soon. Host will not be preparing any buffet, so either us or the host will order grabfood. How much ang pow to give if a) food is on the host b) we are buying
$88-$100? With or without food will still give as a blessing for new house
buy a gift easier
Depends on how close you guys are?
Better to bring a gift instead though

Rainbow Candy

Hi all anyone know where i can get this type of candy?
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4yo's obsession

My 4yo boy is recently obsessed with escalators, travelators and stairs. He is like a spolit recorder, wanting to see a certain broken escalator near his sch everyday. Then, he would go on to say
Hi, It happens as kids are curious and they try to learn more and more about what they find interesting
That's how kids learn. They repeat and repeat and repeat. My 3yo is obsessed with buses, trains and trucks!

My walls!!

During my confinement, my 2yo suddenly decided that he wanna be Picasso and made art pieces out of my walls! So pissed that my mil and helper think it's normal and dont feel the need to stop him from
Repaint the wall to make it a feature wall
Try the japan magic sponge. Is a white sponge. Can buy from supermarket and even diaso.


Those who are breastfeeding.. Can i know what type of bra would u wear when working out? Nursing bra doesnt provide the support i need while running.. But i always get blocked ducts when i wear spo
I really like the ones at Cotton On. Since I'm in between sizes, I don't want to pay big bucks for big brands. These are also not too constricting, so they work well for me.

take a poll!

Which is tougher in ur opinion? Pregnancy, Delivery, or Breastfeeding?
Parenting - the lack of sleep is so real
Breastfeeding. Tough at the beginning but once pushed through and got used to it, it’s the most beautiful thing.
most scary was delivery. most exhausting was pregnancy. most challenging was breastfeeding.
None. It is when they are 3 mth onwards nightmare begins.

big sweep

My helper (of less than one year, no off day) asked me to help her buy big sweep tickets. Just wanna see if u will help or is there any concern doing so. Both me and my hubby do not buy such thing
Probably hear from other helpers or aunties when she go to the market?
Lolx.. she is informative
I think it’s ok
Don’t think it’s a concern, she might just want to try her luck. If it’s just once or twice she’s asking for your help is ok. If it’s regular then better not
Hem I thk is okay