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Bottle Warmer That Fits Hegen Bottlr
Hi may I know is anyone using hegen bottle here? If yes, which bottle warmer do you use? I'm not sure which one can fit the hegen bottle. Appreciate for your input! 😊
Im using Hegen. The bottles fit into the tommee tippee electric bottle warmer
Most of the bottle warmer are circular. Hegen is more of Squarish so probably can only used its own brand.
Diagnosed With GD
Went for OGTT today and I failed the test. :any mom who also got GD here can share how you all control your diet and how long did you all take to bring down the sugar level? I'm really worry about my
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control ur diet and do some simple exercise
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Have to make soMe adjustments to your diet. You can google for more info, take care!
Diet control plus exercise is the key.
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I had GD previously too. Went for a course by dietician at kkh. Apparently compulsory for those who failed OGTT at KKH. They shared on diet, how to do prick test and light exercise for a day. From my
Cut down on carbs, eat more greens. Go for brown rice, Low gi bread. Do not eat fruit straight after meal, try to eat after 1-2 hr as the sugar from carbs and fruit will clash and cause sugar level
Hospitalization Leave
Hi does any of you got rejected of issuing hospitalization leave by gynae before edd? I'm at private hospital but disappointed with my gynae who refuse to give me HL before delivery. And she is expect
Unless u stayed in hospital then u can apply for hospital leave. I was hospitalised due to large fibroid at 6weeks and took 55days of hospitalisation leave as I can’t work, needed to be bed rest. Foll
If u are tired and need some me time 1 day before ur edd, I suggest u apply for leave since ur gynae refuse to give.. I udnerstand how tiring it is esp when we are going to deliver. Jiayous and wishin
Rewards - Spin The Wheel
Anyone know how to spin this? I've redeemed 1 ticket but not sure where to spin.
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Its auto from back end, just 25points to participate
My mil is a gentle and nice person. However there is 1 behavior I don't really like about her is she likes to leave her clothes/towel at my place everytime she come to our house for stay. She comes ab
Put all her clothes in the store room and make sure it’s kept well and not like a bunch of junk clothes to prevent any misunderstanding . Prepare a set clothing whenever she’s coming over and ask you
Agree with your husband
Tell your mother in law you need to you the cupboard for baby clothing... can you keep her stuff inside a box instead
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Y to keep in wardrobe when she is not stay , keep it in a box 📦 or in suitcase ..
Store her clothes somewhere else. In a box or something.
Will You Donate Your Cord Blood To Public Or Store In Private Cord Blood Banking?
Would like to know how many of you will donate cord blood to public or choose to store in private cord blood banking for own family use.
Do both.
Storing both the cord blood and lining
I store. After kids turn 12, I will donate to public
Donate to public cord blood bank.
Is Uv Steriliser Worth Buying
Dear all, I do consider to get haenim uv steriliser for the convenience of sterilising baby's bottle and breast pump part. However after checking with tommee tippee and comotomo (2 bottles brand that
Haenim UV sterilizer. Avent bottle
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Haenim. Avent bottle n medela parts
I am using Haenim steriliser to sterilise tommee tippee bottles and spectra breastpump 😁
Steam steriliser is good enough
Hey, Steam steriliser is also good :)
Working Mom
Dear mommy, wonder by which week we are advised to stop working to prepare for labour? I'm thinking to start taking leave by end of week 37. Not sure if it is too early or late?
Gynae suggested to stop working after week 37. I'm currently still working at week 38.
Thinking to take HL from wk36.. regret nv take for the first one.. dun waste the chance to rest.. haha
Depends on your priority.. i wanted more rest time and take care of myself so i on unpaid since week 30. This will be my only child, so i decided to have more time watching my diet n preparing for his
I work till I give birth. Haha.. To save on my leave so I can have extra in case my baby fall sick or need check up
I wanted to work till week 38 but, my colleagues was so afraid I might go on labour. No choice, I went on HL at week 37 to rest at home.
It's so frustrating when colleagues in office are sick (cough flu fever and whatsoever) yet refuse to wear mask and still come office spreading virus. End up yourself need to wear mask to prevent bein
If really no choice, just take mc and rest at home. Wear a mask at work is to minimize catching flu from workplace.
In Sg its not common practice to wear mask I think. Can you either stay away from them & don't touch them or just give them some masks? If you don't touch/stay nearby the virus can't spread
try to bring a small air purifier to office, at least can help to suck viruses from inconsiderate people
Yes, they're inconsiderate if they do that.
True, colleagues should be responsible and not spread diseases throughout
Do You Take Medicine From Dr When You Are Sick Or Just Let It Heal By Its Own
Hi mummy, may I know when you fall sick during pregnancy (ie flu and cough) do u take any medicine prescribe by Dr or just let it heal by its own. I am sick for 2 days and trying to a void the medicin
Panadol is safe for pregnancy (not the flu max or extra kind). Just take the lowest dosage for the shortest amount of time.
Try to self medicate 1st. I had headache so i iced my head n back of the neck area. Although recovery takes a longer time but it helps. I also buy balms from Inara Organics. It helps and they hv balms
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If healing at home not working. Should surely see doctor. They prescribe pregnancy safe meds
I took medicine given by doctor
In my final trimester... Recovering from flu and fever.. I drank a spoonful of honey with black pepper at night to help with sore throat and loads of water throughout the day.. finally recovering from