Newborn constantly pooping & asking for more feeds

Any newborn mummies experienced feeding breast milk and baby is constantly pooping then asking for more feeds? I’m feeding breast milk and formula concurrently because I feel that my breast milk is causing baby to have diarrhoea(???) She’s only 21 days old but is on 90 ml of formula and hungry for milk again in less than 2 hrs!!! Is it normal and will she be over fed?

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if baby is vomitting then it could be overfeeding, as baby may want to suckle for comfort instead of being truly hungry. If baby doesn't vomit long streams of milk then should be ok. My baby was taking 100 at 1 month old and pd recommended that i settle at 90 ml every 3 hours or 75 ml every 2 hours. that time his birth weight was 3.5kg.

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Super Mum

Perfectly normal. Heh. My baby could poop 4x/day, and even if she pooped just after drinking, she would be hungry again immediately. Just respond to your baby’s cues:) when baby cries, go through the list of all the needs.. hungry/tired/scared/soiled diaper. One of them is bound to be correct

Super Mum

It’s normal. I usually follow my baby’s hunger cues. Breastmilk is easy to digest and has a lot of nutrients. If you are worried about the pooping, you can try giving probiotics to improve baby’s gut health.