Bm Problem ?

Hi Mummies . I just gave birth 6 days ago . From Day 1 , I Wanted To BreastFeed My Baby But My Milk Supply Is Seriously Too Little . I Tried Pumping Both Side But End Up Only Getting 20 ml . I Seriously Felt Guilty For Feeding My Baby More Formula Milk Then My Own Milk . What Can i Do ?

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Super Mum

20ml is very good! Your baby’s stomach is so small. 20ml is adequate for now. Yor supply will increase together with the size of baby’s stomach. Don’t worry:) how much formula are you giving baby? Usually top up about 10-12ml formula during the first week. Not too much

3y ago

Your baby’s stomch capacity is probaby around 30+ to 40ml now, but yes soon it’ll get bigger again. And if you pump/latch a lot, your bm supply will go up too. Yes, my apologies, by 1 week+, might need to top up 30ml if you can’t pump out enough, but from experience (my LO’s now at 6 weeks), soon your bm will come pouring in:)