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Is it true that subsequent birth will be easier and earlier than the due date?
Nope.my #1,#2,#3 around 39weeks only my 4th is 37weeks exact cos of low AFI.. got to induce
I heard so
It depends
Not necessarily
Seems so

Can consume honey?

Can consume honey during pregnancy? There are like tons of different types. Which one is suitable?
I wanted to make hot honey to drink so went to Yu Ren Shen to get manuka honey the salesperson say pregnant women cannot drink honey so not encouraged me to buy. So my question is can we drink or cann
Yes you can
Yes.. it's good


How and in what way you will know that the water bag is leaking? Is the water like a lot?
Depends. Some ppl when burst will be like urine coming out. Some ppl when burst is water gushing out
Yes, if your water bag burst, you will feel sudden gush of water

Baby position

When will baby head turn down? I went for check up on week 29 and baby head still upright. Although the doctor say it’s ok, still early but kinda unsure and hope it will turn down soon. :D
Im at my 35 week, still not turned down yet
Im 34 wks head down but havent fully engage.
My baby only turned down at 34 weeks :)
about 30 weeks
Mine around week 30 went turn down

Facial product

May I know during confinement, can we use facial product? This time my skin are super dry up and I don’t think it will get any better during my confinement.
Yes, still need to be pretty Mah
Yes. Use hada labo. : )
Yes it’s important to make sure your skin is not dry
Yes can!

Haenim app

Anybody using Haenim pump and downloaded their app? I have downloaded the app, but it’s white blank screen. Is there any solutions to this? Thanks
Hi... please uninstall and install again


Is there any other ways to ease it? I have tried drinking vitagen, eating prunes, drink lots of water. But it aren’t help. Now I will even bleed if I go to the restroom..
I tried the yellow skin dragonfruits.. but dun have too many slice at one go.. I cut one into 8 slices, and went to toilet almost immediately after just having 2 slice. So you can try just have 1 slic
Talk to your gynae. They will prescribe sth to ease it
I have encountered that too.. most effective way for me is ladies finger and white radish
try banana?
Take lactus from the doc. Is normal during constipation. Dont force if not u may get hermorroids.. i used to have it during my pregnancy.

Cracked heel

Before pregnant, I would use Ellgy Plus as I always have dry, crack heel and I stop after I found out that I am pregnant. Could I still used it cause my skins is coming off😭 and I keep have to cut i
Best to seek doc opinion if u can continue usage. Maybe there could be an alternative option that is safe pregnancy if doc advise to stop.
Can double confirm with gynae or apply those maternity lotion

exercise during confinement/bf

Hi, I would like to know is it ok to start exercise during confinement and what exercise can be done? Last time I waited until I stop bf then I start getting back to shape. But now I need to quickly
During confinement can only do pelvic floor exercise. My gynae say can only start exercise like running after 3 weeks based on the rate my wound was healing. But I only started after 6 weeks.
Better dont
Hi, I would suggest wait and also consult your gynae on when can you start
My gynae advised no exercise, no squatting for 6 weeks after birth.. I had a natural vaginal birth.. I would advise you not to exercise during confinement ba.. please take this time to rest well and r
Not sure about exercising during confinement, better wait for gynae to give the green light


Currently at week 27. out of the sudden, I have the urge of vomiting. Is that normal? What can I do to ease it?
Yes That happened to me as well
Congrats Mommy😊 Third trimester is almost over. Take it slow. Relax. Have a light meal. Much smaller meal.
That happened to me when I was 26weeks. It started from heartburn in the afternoon then I felt so bloated and had no appetite during dinner. But I still ate a little for my LO. Woke up at 12am to thro
Dont go on an empty stomach
I took home made ginger tea. Just boiled some ginger and added brown sugar. Also helped me with my heartburn