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Lactation cookies
Any lactation cookies that are nice and effective to introduce?
I tried shan's lactation cookies
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I tried Singapore lactation bakes, and I love it!!!
My newborn (10days old) has flaky skin since around day 4 or day 5. It’s all over her, from face to body to limbs. Is it normal?
Yes is normal. My LO going two months getting better.
It is normal! The outer layer of skin serves as a protective barrier when the baby is in the womb. It will shed naturally over two weeks or so.
Yeap she is "shedding" her old skin by mid 1st month she will be fine
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Yes normal
Need help
Mommies, what to do if there are milk duct at underarms? My LO doesn’t latch, so currently I pump every 2 hourly. But the milk that expressed out is just merely 20ml.
Hard to say why the expressed milk so low, mine was also. But it's because I had poor latch-on, couldn't find lactation consultant during time of delivery, by the time figured it out after a huge saga
Exercise during 3rd trimester
Hi mommies, how recommendation for third trimester exercise?
Have walks or Pre natal yoga
Brisk walking
I didnt but do lots of walking
I do prenatal yoga and pilates
Whenever I cough, my lower tummy hurts. Like someone pulling my nerve. Is it normal?
Hold your belly when you cough or sneeze.. Might help a bit
Yes hard sneezing or coughing hurts your belly button too
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Yes, sneezing too.
Haze issue
Mommies, with the haze, other than trying to stay indoor, how do you keep yourself in healthy state? Apparently I got sick cause of the haze and I’m already at 37weeks. On top of that, how do you pro
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Get an air purifier and drink lots of water
Hi, Please get an air purifier
Close all windows and get an air purifier
Air purifier and close all windows
1st month celebration
Hi mommies, if I were to have a celebration in my house for 1st month (just family member) any suggestion on what to order for food?
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Will u be getting those cakes are red egg box for your guest? U can consider. Then just order simple catering and also if u want a dessert table :)
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Probably some meehoon, finger food, and curry chicken?
Mommies, when you give your baby to latch one 1 side of your breast, do you pump the milk from the other side? As previously I was exclusive pumping, hence I hope my upcoming baby I could like to let
Y latch instead
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Your baby may need to feed from both sides to feel full enough, especially during growth spurts. Sometimes, even both sides is not enough. However, when you feed from one side, the other side can star
Vitamins for 3yo baby
Hi mummies, is it ok to start giving LO vitamins at 3yo? Or what others did you give them
Agreed with the other Mummies. I give my 23m LO cod liver oil too.
Cod liver oil or vitamin C would be a good start
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You can start off with any of Scott's products or check out those from Guardian pharmacy
Head position of baby in womb
When the baby head is down, will the baby turn again? Now at weeks 34
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possible ..it depend
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unlikely but might
Never know, they may turn.