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Seriously i have very low breast milk supply I'm pumping every 2 to 3 hours but the volume is only 10 mls per pump. Baby also not latching because i have inverted nipple. Need suggestions to increase breast milk supply.

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You can still latch with an inverted nipple. (I have a left inverted nipple which became protruded after 2 months of pumping). Otherwise you can try nipple shields (Pigeon, medela etc) What I did to increase my supply which you may want to consider trying.. 1. Stay hydrated 2. Sunflower lecithin to thin out your milk 3. I took this and I didn’t stick to the same one as I didn’t want my body to get immune to it. 4. Pump every 1&1/2 to 2 hours. Each session, 10~20 mins. Don’t overdo incase your nipples gets too sore after that. To add on, a handsfree pump worked better for me than the ones with tubes. Can try to incorporate a power pump in your daily routine: Pump 20 mins, rest 10 mins. Pump 10 mins, rest 10 mins. Pump 10 mins. (Whole process should take 1 hour).

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No worries! I used to pumped only 30~60ML combined, now I’m pumping up to 240ML so don’t give up! 💪🏻 For same day pump, you can store it together at the end of the day (same temperature to be safe). It’s okay, even if there’s nothing you just have to keep pumping and stimulating it. You can also pump or hand express for 5-10 mins more after latching baby. More demand = more supply. If you’re intending to latch, 1. Always start with the inverted nipple first. (If they get the easy boob first they won’t want to suck the inverted side.) 2. Try using a nipple puller or pump slightly to ‘pull’ out the nipple before offering your nipple.

Have you tried latching? Baby's suckle is very powerful. The nipples will be drawn out. I have inverted nipples before birth too. It wasnt easy for baby to latch during the first month. But I pressed on during the 2nd month and it worked! My boy has been latching since then till now (he is 15th mth soon). So, press on!! It is possible! Just need to persevere

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drink water before pump, drink another cup of water during pump. I finished 750ml of water before during and after pump. Drink more fluid during the day, milk supply will increase eventually. effective fluid such as papaya fish milk soup, if you have give birth more than 1 month, can try barley drink. Best to latch baby directly.

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you need to relax and eat. anything with protein, carbs, chocolate, nuts, beans etc.. not necessarily have to be special products

You can consider trying this My breast milk increases and also thickens. hope this helps :)