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Hi Mummies . I just gave birth 6 days ago . From Day 1 , I Wanted To BreastFeed My Baby But My Milk Supply Is Seriously Too Little . I Tried Pumping Both Side But End Up Only Getting 20 ml . I Seriously Felt Guilty For Feeding My Baby More Formula Milk Then My Own Milk . What Can i Do ?

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latch as much as possible. pump after every latch / every 3hrly

Hi Mummy! Same as me before. It took me 2 weeks to have enough milk supply for my baby. I let baby kept latching and hand express. You just need continue doing that because babies in the first few weeks don’t drink much.

My newborn started with 30ml for the first few weeks. I wasn't confident with my bm supply too initially and my milk didnt come in until a week after bubs was born so i had to give formula. LC advised to half-feed with bottle of either ebm or formula and finish off on the breasts. I did that until i was confident with my supply, and managed to fully breastfeed at 1.5months =) power pumping helps establish supply too (milk boosters failed me).

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Supplement with formula if you notice dehydration. Normal to have low supply in early days, and baby’s tummy is super small anyway.

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