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Hi Mummies . I just gave birth 6 days ago . From Day 1 , I Wanted To BreastFeed My Baby But My Milk Supply Is Seriously Too Little . I Tried Pumping Both Side But End Up Only Getting 20 ml . I Seriously Felt Guilty For Feeding My Baby More Formula Milk Then My Own Milk . What Can i Do ?

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I have same issue with you. My baby showed sign of dehydration and we top up with formula. However I still breastfeed or feed her with whatever amount of breastmilk I pumped out. Do you feel your breasts got empty after breastfeed or pump? You can try engage lactation massage if you feel that your breasts are still not empty after expressing or blocked ducts. I did and my supply increases. Baby latching will also help to clear blocked ducts too. You can try lactation consultant too. It takes time. Breastfeeding is never easy. Hang it there.

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