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Hi mummies. My baby is 2 months old+. First 2 days he was born, I fed him formula milk as he couldnt latch on and my milk havent come out yet. 3rd day onwards, I started exclusively pumping and give him formula only if milk supply not enough. But since last month, I havent been pumping as much as I used to cos I really dont have the time. But I really really dont want my milk supply to just be gone. I still do want to feed my child breast milk. Any advice besides pump while baby is sleeping or find time? Because while baby is sleeping sometimes I'd accidentally fall asleep too or I have to use the time to shower and clean and by then I'd be very tired. The muscle spasms I'm getting on my lower back is also not helping while I'm pumping.

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Best is let baby suckle, bf helps to increase milk supply. And you need to pump every 3hours if baby is sleeping / or feed fm. Set alarm clock for yourself for next feeding or pumping. So u will agar2 know. mixed feed, u have time to pump. Eg ; bf at 12pm, 12.30pm -1.30pm nap with baby, pump at 2.30pm/3pm. Fm for baby at 3pm, pump at 5.30pm/6pm , dinner / nap in between, bf at 9pm etc If u stop , milk will not increase. Or you can bf at left side , pump at right side. Next feed, you do another way round. After feeding, pump to clear I did that before. It works.

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try using the baby tracker app, you can set reminders on it!

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You can try hands free pump. Just slide into your bra. I used that and carry my infant at the same time