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Nausea meds to bless
Hi, I have 6 strips (each containing 10 tablets) of Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) to bless anyone who needs it. It’s safe for consumption during pregnancy (half a tablet 3 times a day) for nausea. Leave you
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Merry Christmas!
It’s been such a blessing interacting with everyone on this platform, and I’ve learnt so much. Some of us may be hurting, some of us may be struggling, and some of us may be really tired or frustrated
Merry xmas!!
Have a blessed and Merry Christmas and may the new year bring lots of happiness and fun in all of your lives :)
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Blessed Christmas! 💕
Merry Christmas ;)
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Blessed xmas!
Entertaining a 2.5week old baby
My almost 3-week-old little girl is having slightly longer awake intervals. How should I entertain her in between feeds?
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Tummy time, read to her, put her on playmat, let her touch some sensory toys, take walks
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Sing and talk to her
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carry and talk or sing to baby
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I’ll try to let the baby soon by carrying and putting back to cot.. talking and singing
Tummy time