Drinking of plain water during confinement

Any mummies drink after during confinement here ? My mum don’t allow me to drink as she mention that my tummy will be flabby if I drink . But I’m already down with sore throat just 2 days into the longgan red dates drink that I’m drinking

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I'm doing my confinement now... also got sore throat and cough. You can definitely drink water since they also provide water in the hospital. Just rem to drink warm water instead of cold or room temp. If ur mum insist, just drink when she's not looking (avoid her nagging). Ask for more dilute longan and red date water, it helps too.

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im also doing my confinement, i only drink warm plain water half a cup with my supplement every morning then red date drink , milo drink or hot soy milk, if i got sorethroat i will make hot honey drink and middle of the night if i thirsty , i will also drink half cup of warm water

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I drank plain water every day. It does not make your tummy flabby, I’m 100% sure. Please drink it. You need lots of fluids for breastmilk production too anyway, and it’ll be bad if you really fall sick with sore throat and other stuff.

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For me, I was told not to drink water as it might cause water retention. But I would dilute my red date tea with warm water to increase my water intake. I took a lot of soup during my confinement too.

It's an old myth that you shouldn't drink water or minimal water during confinement. Best to drink as much water as possible. It helps with weight loss and milk supply as well.

Got uti because of it. So I dilute it... Only take one cup of undiluted red dates water in the morning

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I drink alot of plain water during confinement. it helps with milk supply.

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Drank plain water , helps w milk supply too

Mayb dilute the red date tea before drink

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Should be fine to have some water