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Amount of formula milk for 6-week old LO
May I kindly check what is the total amount of formula milk for a 6 week old newborn to consume within 24 hours? Thanks.
Graco® 4Ever® DLX 4-in-1 Car Seat
Anyone using or used the above-mentioned car seat before? Looking for feedback before purchase. Thanks in advance! 😃
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Actually mummy fair is this week, you can check all the brand there.
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Using Joie.
Safe medication for flu-like symptoms
What medication would be safe for pregnant mummies experiencing sore throat and cough? Thanks.
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just drink plenty of warm water
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have natural remedies instead. Try honey drink
My gynae refuses to prescribe medication. So I Drank pure honey, Natural medication for sore throat. Gynae also says if no green phelgm, should be fine (i. E due to hormones)
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Bring your wife to the doctor and let the doctor know she’s pregnant. They have standard meds for pregnant mummies:) best not to self medicate.
Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Airmesh
Anyone tried the above-mentioned baby carrier? Suitable for newborn until 48 months? Better compared to Tula? Any feedback are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I have been using ergobaby omni 360. But best to try b4 purchase. Find it a bit too tight for bigger size ppl.
It’s best to bring baby along to try before you buy as each baby is different. I have an Ergo360 mesh that is close to new (used only 3-4 times) that I’m selling on Carousell for $250 if you are keen.
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Nv use this b4.. Im still using my tula carrier
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The mesh will be rougher than the cotton one but I feel like it’s more suitable for the hot weather , brought my 1month plus baby along to try out the carrier before buying , so far so good !
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I'm using this carrier! Definitely suitable for newborn.. I've been using since my baby is 4 weeks old.. she sleeps really well in it! Haha Personally I feel that the material for the straps are quite
Visit to dentist
Can proceed with normal scaling and polishing during 3rd trimester? Thanks in advance!
Should be fine, inform the dental clinic and see if they accept you for the service
Should be ok if you are still comfortable with lying down on the chair.
Should be fine
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Super Mum
Maternity Insurance
Comparing between Manualife ReadyMummy and NTUC Maternity 360. Which one is a better choice for stand-alone? Thanks.
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Manulife more comprehensive
Manulife is the latest stand alone compared to the other 2. I took manulife
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