I was told that during confinement, mum shld drink water/red date tea while seated down. Is it true?

MIL said that drinking while standing will cause womb to sag??? #1stimemom

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If can just follow.... i was told last time that we must always wear bra after giving birth if not breast will sag. I did not follow cause i like sleeping or staying home without one. I didnt breast feed my child and yet my breast sagging like old women. So for me now i follow if i think its reasonable.

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i heard about it too! although i didn’t follow throughout. but do just rest and lie on the bed as much as you can during confinement.. your body deserves a good rest!

Aiyo what nonsense is all this? Not true at all! Our elderly LOVES to create stories/myths that are not even true!

Not really sure about this

Didnt do tat thou. Lol.