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Gold Anklet for Baby
Hi , Any recommendations on where to get gold anklets for babies and the price range ?
You can try looking at Serangoon road.
I tot silver anklet will be better for baby.
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Gold heart or sk jewelry
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Boon Lay Jem have a reasonable price.
Goldsmith shop
Hi parents , When did your LO start to flip ? At around how many months
Exactly 4 months
It depends on the child but at around 4 months they would start showing tendencies to flip
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Just before 4 months
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Around 4 mths(:
Reluctant to drink after vaccination
Hi parents , Is it normal for my 3mth old to not be drinking well after his vaccinations ( rotavirus , 5in1 ,pneumococcal )?
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Yes, it’s normal
Yes. My baby just had too last Sat and her milk intake has decreased by 50-100ml a day
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Yes, is normal
Yes normal. Prone to be Fussy / clingy/ or feverish also. All depends on individual baby.
Double breast pump
Hi mummies , will you recommend medela free style or swing , or any other brand ?
I bought Philips Avent.
Medela I strongly recommend
Freee style
Try avent/hegen
Baby’s Dry Skin
Does anyone have any recommendations on any moisturising cream or lotion that is suitable for babies with dry skin ?
Qv is good!
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Ceredan or cetaphil.
Aveeno baby!