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Hello mommies. Who is awake now for cute little one? 💪🏻⛽jia youk!!!
I am always awake
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加油💪 and take good care!
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Always awake 🤣
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baby not comfortable in car seat
How to make baby like to sit inside car seat? My baby struggle every time I put him inside car seat. Is this normal?
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Yep, normal! Try to coax baby while he is in the car seat. He will be fine once he is used to it
baby playing solo
How to teach four month old baby to play by himself?
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At this age, they still need a lot of attention. If you give him a toy eg. rattle, he would be able to entertain himself for a short period of time, provided you’re close by. Difficult for baby to pla
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It’s tough, but if you put them in an enclosed area, they normally would.
rolling over in sleep
Baby like to flip in his sleep these days. His face tends to face down or to the edge of co sleeping bed. Should I put him to back sleeping position? He will wake up and become very restless whenever
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My 4mo is also doing that now. Initially we kept waking up the roll her back on her back but the next moment she'll roll over again 😅now we just make sure her airway is not blocked when she sleeps on
baby traveling
Would you bring young baby to see their grandparents every weekend? The traveling journey require more than one hour each time
For myself during confinement they came down to visit I only started bringing out after 6 months as they are more prone to bacteria outside below 6 months. There is 4 weeks in a month so I alternate
Not every weekend
Yes. I would go to my in law house every Sunday
Yes, familia ties important to be built from young.
teething gel
Anyone use teething gel for teething pain relief? Any side effects? Which brand is suitable for three month plus baby?
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I would avoid that if possible. Try teethers that can be chilled in the refrigerator. Helps a lot.
Dry and sensitive skin
Does anyone has dry, itchy and sensitive skin after pregnancy?
Yup. Had lots of red marks on my thigh and arms too. Get medication cream or ointments from your doctor. This will pass soon enough and disappear
Me! I used to have oily skin but now my skin is so dry i have to change my makeup routine and skip on mattifying setting spray. Just use moisturiser on daily basis after shower and it will get better!
Yes, i have itchy and dry skin.. So i uising Palmer oil for the skin. It's work for me😄😉
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Yes skin will become more sensitive