drink plain water during confinement

Anyone drink plain water during confinement? I have been secretly drinking water inside my room. Coz feel thirsty just drink red dates only.

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Hi mama, Congratulations on your recent birth! Fluids are extremely important postpartum, especially if you’re breastfeeding so please do drink up. I can empathise that red date tea can get very drying for the throat and it’s almost like you’re not quenching your thirst but making yourself thirstier at times. Having said this, I understand that some confinement nannies may frown upon this. Perhaps explaining to her that you won’t hold anything against her might work? I know they mean well and they just hope to have mama recover and rest well from birth. Hope this helps :)

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i only drank plain water, no red dates or confinement food/drinks because i don’t like it. i have oversupply of milk and baby n me is healthy 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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I drank only tea at the start but after few days I couldn't take it. started to drink water and the only plus point about it, my bm increased. there's just a limit to how much tea you can drink

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I drank warm water in addition to the red dates tea during my first confinement and will do the same for my second. The tea definitely does not quench my thirst!

My wife didn't haha. Instead she took extra nutrition from Herbalife nutrition. With soccer and she recovered in 2-3 weeks. So she just had 3 week confinement

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Of course! IMO, water is still the best hydration one can get and should be your primary drink. All others are just add ons.

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You can drink water but in moderation. What I did was to dilute the red dates tea with more water. Hope it helps.

It is OK to drink water I do not drink red date alone, I have it alternate day instead because it's too heaty

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I drank water every day. Am perfectly healthy and well. And baby has enough milk to drink too

I drank alot of water in addition to red dates tea. Helps with milk supply.