is it okay to eat maggi?

im 8weeks pregnant,so craving for a it okay if i eat maggi?or not good for the baby?

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Eating instant noodles during pregnancy would seem like a great choice, as it is tasty, full of spices and can be cooked in a jiffy. However, it is not exactly safe. For starters, instant noodles do not have any nutritional value and they only satisfy your hunger for a period of time. They are as bland as they can ever be, so avoiding them would be a good idea. Another harmful substance present in instant noodles is MSG, although the packets say that MSG is not added at all. However, it must be remembered that the FSSAI has deemed Maggi unsafe and unfit for consumption, so the jury is still out on whether MSG is actually present in the garnishing.Tertiary Butylhydroquinone or TBHQ is a toxic chemical used in instant noodles as a preservative. It is a petroleum derivative, and is used are in paints, cosmetics, and even pesticides. TBHQ is obviously dangerous for the health of your child, especially in the long run.side effects of TBHQ.Nausea, delirium, breathlessness, and tinnitus are the immediate side-effects of TBHQ if it is consumed in large quantities. It is eliminated by the body after a short period of time, but if you are an avid consumer of instant noodles, it stays in the body for longer periods. It can also cause metabolic syndromes, which can mess with blood pressure, cause obesity and even spike up bad cholesterol levels. TBHQ can also lead to heart issues and diabetes.

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1y ago

ckp le mlayu

saye pom tringin maggi hari tu tapi husb x bgi , lepas tu pergi jmpe doktor , tnye doktor , then doktor cakap boleh je , tapi untuk satu hidangan je lah , x boleh lebih ,, macam air coke jugak , doktor cakap boleh tapi x boleh lebih dri satu tin ,, then die cakap , kite mengandung jangan ikut tekak org sbb kdg² tekak kite x boleh nak makan , makan ape yg kite nak makan .. jngan tangguh nak kene tnye org , makan je ,, lepas doktor saye cakap , jangan layan ibu mengandung macam org sakit sbb kite tak sakit sis , ni pembawakan je sis 😂 kdg kite bukan makan bnyak pom , mkn due tige mulup dah tolak tepi .. its normal

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5mo ago

Btl tu wak...mntak mcm² sudahnya mkn sikit da xbole mkn lg🤣🤣

sy pun ada teringin nk makan maggi tu masa 7 mggu, kat dapur ada yg asam laksa je... terus minta suami buatkan.. suami pesan jgn amalkan selalu... huhu.. sy cakap kat dia, kali ni je sbb teringin sgt... bila suami dah masakkan semua, sy p masukkan potongan buah mangga dan jgk kismis... bila dapat makan tu, rs happy je.... nak nangis pun ada... suami sy tgk sy lain mcm, tp dia senyum je... nahh, abis semangkuk.... huhuhu.. sekarang dah x rasa nak lagi dah... dah cukup dah... sy pun da janji pd diri, nk makan 1 kali tu jer.... alhamdulillah.. 😂😊

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2y ago

alamak. sedapnye megi asam laksa. alamak.teringin jugak...

just take a few bites to take the craving off. instant noodle isn't just only not good for baby, it is not good even for adult and non pregnant full grown adult. so yeah, not too much yeah. also, I realize that i only have craving when i am hungry, and whenever i want to take the cravings off, i just take few bites of anything to not let myself hungry, and the craving will disappear with the hunger. it worked for me, maybe u could try it if u have cravings for not so good things.

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During my first month pregnancy i also crave for maggie instant noodle. When i consult my doctor, she said u can eat but not too frequent. Bcause the bad one is the rempah maggie itself. So if u are craving for it badly, reduce the rempah and add more veggie also protein to make it more nutritional.

Sy dh pregnant 8minggu, baru mkn maggi 2 kali, tpi mmg tak dinafikan makan kali ke 2 tu nikmatnya, dh la masak maggi perfect, siap letak cili, kuah sikit je, likat, rasa masin yg ngam dan mee yg tak kembang sgt, just nice. Nikmat dia, Allah je tahu. Hihihi....klu nk mkn sgt, mkn jela, tpi beringat sikit mknan ni tak dpt bg khasiat yg baik utk baby, buat sedap tekak je bole la kdg2..

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Knpa ya kalo pregnant . Tgok nasi pown asa loya xlalu

3mo ago

Macam Sy, bukan setakat nasi, makan masakan sendiri lagi la loya.. Try masak mknan fvrite pun dah masak. Bila nk suap rasa loya..

My bb want maggi last week. Chicken maggi. What i do was, i boiled some chicken and make a soup. Put bit of vege and egg. Lastly put some mee kuning. Tadaaaaaa. It mee maggi darling.. heheeee. Now, no more craving for maggi mee. Hope my bb satisfied with it . ^_^

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sya sudaa 11w , selera mmg teda pada nasi , ayam cuma boleh mkn yg goreng and bakar jaa , xboleh mkn mknan yg kuat bau sperti sotong hati ayam and etc , sya xkesah yg tu sbb buah selera sya x tolak , cuma tuu laa , tiap hari sya mmg mkan maggie , sbb itu jakk yg tiap hari boleh naik selera , sya tau xbaik utk bby and now skrg sudaa cuba utk kurang2 kan mkn maggie

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alahan kot.. smggu x lalu mkn nasik.. sy p makan megi.. mase tu xtau la plk.. xbrp.elok mkn megi.. tp letak pnuh la syuran ape smua.. time chckup berat trun.. misi tanya.. sy ckp la mkn megi.. pastu sy gelabah la sbb misi kata xelok.. pastu misi kata xpala.. pasni jgn amalkan.. risau bby xdpt nutrisi.. sis lau xlalu mkn nasi jgn hentam megi cm sy plk hihi..

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