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My family do no support me to bring my 4month old son to hospital. They keep giving me excuse and say hospital will scold me and hospital wont do anything. I feel like im poisoning my son by giving hi
After bath, suck the mucus out using baby nasal aspirator.. Make garlic oil,.. Burn some garlic, smash it, mix with little oil and put behind babies back, chest n feet.
i dont want to give
So i went to this private clinic in kuching and they gave me these meds.first they gave antibiotic,cough syrup and panadol for kids.i only gave my 4months old son cough syrup and panadol and went for
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If u go to government hosp the doc will not give u the cough syrup. They will explain why.. The doc said that the cough syrup only will be given to kids 2 years and above.. Not recommend to give to in
If I were you, I won't give...
4months old and sick
My son is 4months and 17days old.been coughing for a week r8ght after we got back from kl to kuching..kuching haze very bad.even when we only stay inside the house and mostly use mother who
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Selalunya 1st antibiotik akan dipantau oleh doktor. BAYI 2thn ke bawah. Ada bayi tidak dapat terima antibiotik biasa yang selalu diberikan oleh doktor tu. Ada yang ok. Pengalaman saya, bayi sy berusia
Sis, anak sy baru semalam batuk teruk.. pukul 4 pagi tadi bawak ke klinik utk neb, ulang lg pukul 830pg neb.. then doc refer ke hospital.. now warded sbb katanya ada infection.. anak sy umur 4tahun...
baby fever
Its 4am and im awaken by my son hot temperature and he refuse to sleep.he sleep next to me.we use aircond because now haze and if i use fan it smells like burning.i check his temperature its 38celcius
Hi mommy. Waktu mlm kena kerap basahkan badan baby, sbb suhu malam mmg tinggi. Jangan biar tinggi sangat sbb bahaya utk baby, blh kena tarik. (kekejangan). standby kain n air. Sy tiap kali anak demam,
Hi sis.. First of all, make sure to low down baby temperature first. 38 is quiet high and have many factors why he got the fever. Take wet towel and wipe all over his body and head.
fever while breastfeeding
Bolehkah kita breastfeed anak kita semasa kita demam? Tolong bagi pemcerahan
Boleh mommy.
Bleh xda mslh. Tp klu takut, baby boleh menyusu guna botol guna la botol. Mcm anak sy, langsung xpndai menyusu botol. Sakit mmg akan mengempeng. Xda pilihan. So far anak ok seja
baby no poop
My baby is 3months old and had not poop for almost 3days.he got fart alot but no poop.he is on breastmilk only.his last poop was yellow which should be normal.should i be worried and seek medical atte
Bby klu bf nie fully xberak smpai 10hri tu normal sis..Smngu dlm dua tga kli je normal..Jgn rsau..Sis cube mkn buah oren nty bf bby boleh lawaskan njisnya
Just curious when baby first teeth will come out cz my son is 3months old and i felt a sharp like tooth at the backbof his lower gums and i check like there is a tooth there. I been having arguments w
Better pergi klinik check sis. Tanya pd yg pakar. Sbb kalau ikut normality mmg gigi dpn akn tumbuh dlu tp sometimes ada bayi yg tahap tumbesaran dia lebih cpt dr bayi lain. Gigi cpt tumbuh. Tulang cpt
Suggest a pacifier thats close to the breast nipple for a 3month old.
mimijumi bottle
Saya pakai avent, so far baby suka je.
baby first food.
How to know when to give baby solid food?
Can join fb group happy baby foods malaysia, u can gain more knowledge there 😊
After 6 months can try
At 6 months, can try tickling baby’s chin. And if everything ok with milk, can start experimenting with soft food/purée first
Make sure ur baby 6 mo above k mommy...u can feed ur baby with puree or porridge without add salt or sugar...
6 months or 180 days old.
scared its breast cancer
So..i found out its not crack nipple and there's a lump on the nipple and inside the breast under the lump.milk would come out by itself even when breast is not full. I stop breastfeeding on that nipp
Hi mommy. Maybe susu tersumbat? Bila crack mmg sakit.. Plus, kalau tersumbat pun akan sakit bila baby minum... Kena cari mana yg tersumbat tu. Sometimes its really tiny, kalau teruk sgt mmg kena jumpa