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over weight

how to control weight during pregnancy? i gain 5kg in 2 weeks🤣.on my 20th week i was 45kg and now at 22weeks and 4 days im 50.5kg.the reason is that im always hungry all the time and i have nothing e
Eat wholemeal bread in the morning, stop sweet drinks totally, plain water will do. Eat rice in small portion. It's hard at first but these will do wonders. 😁

baby stuff

when is the right time to buy baby stuffs
Depends on u sis. Sis prepare lebih awal pun ok. Takde la kelam kabut nanti. Mcm I dah sedia keperluan baby setiap bulan, sikit2..... haha.

baby stuff

when should i buy all the baby things like cloths,breastpump,bottles ect..?my partner think its too early for us to buy it. i am 4months pregnant now.
I think early is better cause we can survey what kind of thing we need.


is tommee tippee breastpump good?
I have not used one but I heard some budget brands are as good as the expensive one.


is horlicks safe to drink during pregnancy?
I baru je minum horlick kaw tadi.