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32weeks and panas panas panas.. rasa nak berendam dalam air sejuk 24/7 je. kalau mandi,2 hours later rasa badan melekit semacam.ewww.. 😖 adakah ini tanda2 nak bersalin..hahaha maklumlah excited want
Hehehehehe cuaca panas skrg ni mommy!
Thanks for sharing. ❤️
patiente moms

32 weeks going into 33 weeks.

macam tak ready je nak beranak..time 2nd trimester bukan main lagi excited sampai tercari cari pengalaman org dkt google.but now mcm takut pula nak beranak.barang2 baby pun belum beli. my mum and part
Just beli sikit sebagai meraikan baby..

so close but still far

31 weeks already!! baby is so active and sometimes unusually not active as normal which makes me confuse on how to count the kicks and movements.hahaha. like yesterday he finish his kicks at 5.55pm an
yeah.. its normal. mine too.. sometime she complete bfore noon and sometimes after 5pm.. keep figthing mami.. 6 weeks to go for full term..🤗🤗🤗

baby movements

how to count baby in my 30weeks and my baby is very active.i start counting at 9am and by 10am i finished all 10movements just like how my midwife thought me.i just did my appointment and
baby movement count should be around 30 mins , u count as 1 kick (my practice). if the next 5 mins he kicks again i will not count. yes if too active also not good maybe something wrong inside

gender test kit

anyone have tried the gender test kit? i see at shoppee paling murah pun rm12. kata 96%accurancy. annyone had tried it before?
There is such kit? Wow interesting!


what is the normal temp for pregnant woman? i think i am going to be sick. having sore throat and starting to have flu.i know next will be fever. i read that if its sore throat and flu its nothing to
I'm having bad fever for 3 days already. last night was very intense. 38.6 degrees. really worried for the baby. 😥

leaking boobs

28weeks 3days and boobs are leaking in huge quantity.i just sleep on my sides and wake up to this soaking wet feeling on my bed and hand.i thought saliva when i touch my nipples its also wet.omg! now
Looks like you have to wear breastpads. 😅


28 is breech. i gain 6kg in 1month. but dr said baby is healthy with a healthy weight of 1186g. im not even having any pre pregnancy weight is 42.5kg and now im 56.5kg. i dont k
doktor kata susu tepung ni, zat die xbrape nk diserap oleh badan. manis plak tu, buat baby besar.. better minum fresh milk