To induce or not to induce?

Im 39+3 today. At 39 weeks, gynae said my baby weight is 3.1kg & since im 147cm tall, it might get difficult to deliver naturally. She asked if i wanna induce but since im not dilated at all, labour will be 24 to 36 hours. I chose to wait 1 more week to see if my labour starts naturally. My next appt is in 2 days, im stressing out.. To induce or wait....

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I’m 145 cm and was advised to induce at 37W3D as the estimated weight of my girl at 37W was 3.25 Kg. Same reason as yours was given to me - the baby might be too big for me to deliver vaginally if we waited till full term. I was induced at 37W3D using 2 tablets; however, after 12 hours, no dilation or contraction. We were given the option to try the 3rd tablet without any assurance if I will dilate or even if I dilate, will I be even able to push the baby. My Gynae recommended c-sect instead. I had emergency c-sect and saved me from any labour pains 😅

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Hello. I am the same height as you and I have decided to opt for a c sec. My gyne checked that my cervix was opened at 39 weeks and 3 days. However, he discovered a narrow bone that could be the cause why my baby head is down but never engaged. He pressed that bone from within and it's so painful. My baby estimated weight 3.4kg. Might also end up with e c sec if I tried inducing. So to reduce the risk, will not be trying for natural.

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Baby gains weight faster in the last few weeks, based on you current situation, baby weight is pretty good and have a high chance of natural delivery. I think listen to your gynae. Induce is pretty common nowadays. Have another talk by sharing ur thoughts to gynae during the upcoming checkup. Ps. Baby weight is estimated, may not so accurate. Mine is under estimated 🙄

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I got induced at 39w5d. Baby was born 26 hours later. Natural delivery. Sometimes your body may surprise you. I would say induce before baby gets bigger and before you go overdue. If overdue induce, there's a higher chance of baby being stressed out and poop in the amniotic fluids. But up to you

I'm 154cm and baby is 3.2kg. doctor induced at 38 weeks as he is afraid baby too big for me. Had some difficulty pushing baby out during delivery. But managed to push out at the last min. No sign of labour before induce. Baby came out 11 hours later. =)

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I induced when my water was broken but no contraction at 36 weeks..start induced at 8 am and delivered the baby at 10.30 am...I think follow your gynae cause she knows the best for you but still your choice...

Omg same like me, I’m 148cm, I’m only 25 weeks now but doc already ask me to control my diet because worry baby will be big and hard to push.. so did u choose induce or baby came out naturally ?

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Are you having any contractions at all now? Even not so painful ones. Also, to prevent baby from growing too rapidly, just eat as per normal for 1 person, but avoid the sweets/fatty food for now.

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Okay noted. Thank you :)

As ur tall u can easily do normal delivery.Untill 42 weeks u can wait... wait for another week den go for induce.

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147cm is considered short....

Mayb let ur gynae decide for u? If u have in dilemma