3cm dilated week 39 3 days

Went for appt at kkh just now and im 3cm dilated at around 11am . Dr wanted to induce me as im not feeling any tense contractions but i said i wanted to go back home first. Currently im just feeling like pelvic pain or cramp not that bad. Should i go to hospital anytime soon or just wait?

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I was 2cm dilated on 20/12, waterbag didn’t break and no contractions so I went home. Currently 39D6 and will be heading to hospital tonight to induce & pop on my EDD (26/12). Currently still no contractions & water bag still not breaking…. When you feel that contractions gets stronger, please make your way to hospital asap as some mummies tend to dilate fast. :)

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I think you can count contractions to monitor whether you should get to hospital. Once contractions are more regular and closer frequency I suggest you fly to hospital already, since you’re already now 3cm. 3-10cm can go quite fast for some mums and I think you’ll prefer to give birth in hospital, not the car 😅😅

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Sometimes labour starts with a dull lower back ache or like menstrual cramps, might want to start monitoring yourself as it seems like it might just be the start of labour

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If the feeling come more frequently needa go hospital🤣