To induce or not to induce?

Im 39+3 today. At 39 weeks, gynae said my baby weight is 3.1kg & since im 147cm tall, it might get difficult to deliver naturally. She asked if i wanna induce but since im not dilated at all, labour will be 24 to 36 hours. I chose to wait 1 more week to see if my labour starts naturally. My next appt is in 2 days, im stressing out.. To induce or wait....

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I’m 145 cm and was advised to induce at 37W3D as the estimated weight of my girl at 37W was 3.25 Kg. Same reason as yours was given to me - the baby might be too big for me to deliver vaginally if we waited till full term. I was induced at 37W3D using 2 tablets; however, after 12 hours, no dilation or contraction. We were given the option to try the 3rd tablet without any assurance if I will dilate or even if I dilate, will I be even able to push the baby. My Gynae recommended c-sect instead. I had emergency c-sect and saved me from any labour pains 😅

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