Exercise to induce labour

Hi everyone! Tomorrow will be my 39 weeks however a few days ago Dr said that I’m still only 1cm dilated since last week meaning I didn’t dilate any more since. Baby is still positioned high too. May I know how long I should exercise everyday so that I can induce labour naturally by before my EDD next week? Thank you in advance! #pleasehelp #advicepls #pregnancy

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squat , intimate with husband .. I was dilated 2 cm with mild contraction for 2 long weeks at 38 weeks .on week 39 doc do a sweep membrane next day mucus plug started to fall out .. next 2 day contraction getting stronger n intense .. gave myself up to the labour at 39 w 3 days . 5 cm open at 11.35pm gave birth . just 3 days back .

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Thank you for your suggestion! Will try this!

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