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Hi mummies! Anyone gave birth naturally (or induce) to babies weighing over 4kg? I'm at 37 weeks 4 days now and baby is already weighing at 3.6kg..gynae advises either I wait naturally, do induce labour since now weight is quite big or do elective c sect..I am thinking if I wait naturally baby will be over 4kg by then..would it be easy to give birth to a 4kg baby?

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Ya natural or c sect doesn’t really matter . End of day everything is worth it when u see ur baby :) my baby was born at 37 weeks c sect. He was 3.6 kg and my gynaecologist asked me to go for sect cause he worried baby shoulder stuck. I was initially also very worried cause one of my friend kept saying c sect is bad etc.. but for safety of my son I rather suffer more . The whole ops was very fast and smooth. Downside is wound still pain till now (he’s 6 mths old )

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You can try. Sometimes even small built mothers might have wider canal for big babies to pass thru, sometimes they don’t. The latter would prolly end up in emergency c-sect. Your gynae seems attentive enough to offer the options. My gynae is not supportive of big babies. Personally at your week now I’d choose to induce. Anyhoo naturally or c-sect dun worry so much, just focus on the fact that you’ll be a mom soon 😀

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4y ago

Thanks babe :)

Hi! I was induced with my first child though he was 2.8kg only at 40weeks, but then normal birth to my 2nd child at 40weeks and she was 3.5kg. I'm consider my self small built lady, however I chose to delivered them naturally. Feel and listen to your body as every pregnancy is unique. Have a safe delivery..🙏

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mine is 3.5kg at 37weeks. my gynae suggests to induce me since she said might be an issue if my baby’s shoulder cannot pass thru my canal if i wait longer. so this coming monday at my 38weeks, am seeing her again for the ultimatum.

3y ago

lisha, i also facing like yours. you end up induce or c sect?

i’m gonna go induce tmrw at 37weeks 4days! cause baby is now 3.3kg,! so to play safe for her to come out naturally, induce is the way to go for me :) GOODLUCK MOM TO BE!

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If your gynae is pro natural and you are willing to do natural birth and baby not in bridge, gynae may allow u to wait a bit more

4y ago

Yes gynae is ok if I wait for natural labour to kick in..just that baby's weight at 37w4d now is 3.6kg is considered big so she offers 3 options for me