My mother in law stay with me weekday and weekend she will go to my sister in law house stay. Both my sister in laws stay together and I am not get along with both. The youngest one ever used knife to threaten me and pick on me when I am at home which I ask her to go out. From Thereon she seldom come. But recently quarrel with her sister and she will come and stay with my mother in law. She just hide in the room which I am fine. But recently both quarrel at my house and my window grills spoil because she attempt to suicide. ( I wasn't around that time). My 3 kids were at home that time but my helper said all never see what happens. I told my husband I don't want her to stay here forever. Short term and not create trouble is okay but if they want to quarrel please go out. My husband tell me he will go out too as she is her sister. So sad that my husband side her。 what would you do? I told my helper, anything happens please call me or worse please call police. My husband happens passby and he was very angry.

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I think it's fair that you allow her to stay at your place short term and provided she does not create a scene. Afterall it is your house, anyone else should respect that. With regards to your husband, i suggest you sit him down and speak with him. You are a family, meaning the house is not just his alone but both of you. Also, be tactful when trying to bring the issue up, seems like he is really concerned over the matter.

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