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Teachers day gift ideas to share?

Can anyone share some teachers day gift ideas? Thanks!
A hand made thank you card or something else
Food is always good. Red pen or any stationery.
Essential oil rollers :) practical gift
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I'm ordering cookies rainbow for teacher day

Weekend hectic schedule!

Loving this national day long weekend that gives us a chance to spend time with the kids and extended family while getting necessary chores done. However, normal 2 day weekends feel so short and not e
Hi... chores start on Friday night. Wash laundry at night and hang on Saturday morning. Get the children to finish their homework on Friday night. Saturday is day out. Either a walk in the park, beach
1 day for housework, 1 day as family day.

Weekend activities for kids/toddlers

Any suggestions on age appropriate places to bring young kids/toddlers? Picture from a recent outing to Palawan beach!
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gardens by the bay, national gallery
Gardens by the bay, science centre, zoo and the many different parks
- Gardens by the bay - Sentosa - Universal studios

Infant care or maid?

Background: Baby (2nd child) is almost 1 year old. Elder child is already in childcare. Have an experienced maid at home, no daily supervision in the daytime by grandparents or parents as all are work
A maid is ultimately not your family. It’s best to send your child to infant care and have your maid just focus on cooking/cleaning etc.
My #2 is otw. We plan to let my helper look after instead of sending to ifc. #1 will continue with half day preschool. But if my helper really can’t cope then we might send #1 for full day instead